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September, 2018

15, сб

“Friendship and isolation. Service and power. Rivalry and love”. So briefly the Irkutsk drama theater of Okhlopkov describes the long-awaited premiere. That you thought? Shakespeare? Lope de Vega? Schiller? Oh, isn’t present — it is Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy and his Holstomer. Inhabitants of Irkutsk have gone to an experiment and have invited for statement of the famous director-choreographer Sergey Zemlyansky with his permanent team: artist Maxim Obrezkov, composer Pavel Akimkin, playwright Rasa to Bugavichute-Petsa, artist all over the world Alexander Sivayev. The performance without words, a parable without text — but this confessionary history also doesn’t need words. On September 15 and 16 premier displays will take place, after that the performance can be seen in October.

15, сб

The first premiere of a season from the chief director — in the Krasnoyarsk Pushkin Drama Theatre Oleg Rybkin has put “Three days in the village”. The English playwright Patrick Marber has taken the play by Ivan Turgenev as a basis and has created own variation — her and Oleg Rybkin has taken in hand. The theater, by the way, has acquired the exclusive right to statement of the play in Russia for one year — means, during this time in any other theater we won’t see the play. Very brightly actors speak about the characters: Sergey Danilenko compares himself to a burro of News agency, and Maria Alekseeva holds out depth of passions to Hamlet. Since the May prepremiere some amendments have been introduced — to see what from this has turned out, it is possible on September 15 and 16. And on October 11 the performance will participate in the Biennial of theater and will be shown on the stage of the Moscow Pushkin Drama Theatre.

15, сб

25 of 100 — such is the choice of the International theater festival “White Vezha” existing in Belarus already is more than 20 years. Hundred applications have been submitted for him in 2018 and 25 performances from 10 countries of the world are selected by advisory council. Also the Novosibirsk theater “Struna” was among participants — the performance improvisation “We Play Shakespeare” will be shown today, on September 15, on the stage of the Brest drama theater. The audience is waited by a certain solyanka from Shakespeare’s texts of 400-year, rocker music of the 20th century and theater of a century XXI — all this directed by Svetlana Kremarenko.

14, пт

At once two premieres in Barnaul — new performances at the same time release today the Altai drama theater of Shukshin and Youth theater of Altai.

And, by the way, both of them according to prosaic works.

Present statement according to the famous novel by Elena Chizhova awarded “the Russian Booker”, “Time of women” in the Drama. Stories of women of different age develop in history of the whole country — and in a performance signs of different eras will be quite recognized. The director Marina Glukhovskaya worked on statement, and Elena Chizhova who will hold a creative meeting will be a special guest at a premiere.

The interesting premiere expects the audience of MTA — the theater has delivered the first in Russia a performance according to the book by Raquel Palacio “Miracle”. If still you didn’t read a story about the boy Augustus who likes to play computer games and is fan of “Star wars”, as well as his many peers, but at the same time because of a genetic mistake he actually has no person, then make it immediately. The book fine — we hope, as Maxim Sokolov’s performance “Wonder boy” will be same!


13, чт

Not the first attempt to be beyond a big scene is made by the Kemerovo theater for children and youth — for three days in a row of the audience wait on a premiere of a performance ... in buffet. Yes, in the atmosphere of cozy cafe where actors will sit down at little tables side by side with the audience, love stories will be told. An intrigue of statement of Irina Latynnikova “About Lyubov and Dislike” that plots of the world literature will be played, however heroes to you won’t be called — it is necessary to solve them. Besides, actors will bind the known stories with the personal.

12, ср

The beginning of this fall in Moscow is already for the sixth time of “ARTMIGRATsIYa”! The festival of performances of young directors is interesting that it represents statements of regional theaters.

From one hundred applications the advisory council has selected seven brightest and interesting performances. There are among them also for what we especially rejoice.

Yesterday the Novosibirsk “First theater” has presented Sergey Chekhov’s “Blondi” and today a turn of Kamensk-Uralsky “Drama Number Three” — the audience will see the drama-online by Sofia Kapilevich “All this she” according to the play by Andrey Ivanov.

On September 14 Antigone from the director Yaroslav Rakhmanin and Russky of republican drama theater of Lermontov will be shown, and the performance “Shpalikov” put by Nikolay Russky in Ekaterinburg Yeltsin Center will close a festival.

We wish to participants neither down nor a feather, and to the audience — bright impressions!


11, вт

On Sakhalin this year two premieres devoted to the researcher of the Far East Gennady Nevelsky approach at once. And will tell the first Chekhov center about life of the Russian admiral.

Already today, on September 11, the audience will see Natalya Sharkova’s statement on the performance created by her. As the performance is based on real historical events of the middle of the 19th century, Natalya Sharkova attentively investigated not only biographies of characters, but has addressed logbooks, documents, Nevelsky’s letters.

Together with her the art director Kirill Piskunov and the costume designer Elizabeth Piskunova — worked on a performance according to directors, it was important to them to transfer era of the 19th century, that time when the great seafarer has proved that Sakhalin is an island.

The following displays of the performance “Nevelskoy” will take place on September 23 and 29.

10, пн

The whole week of continuous bright impressions expects Krasnoyarsk citizens — from September 10 to September 16 in the city there takes place the festival of the modern art “the Territory. Krasnoyarsk”.

Main directions two: the theatrical program had included performances of the leading Moscow and regional theaters — among them there is, for example, “Breath” of Theatre of the Nations directed by Marat Gatsalov, Victor Ryzhakov’s performance “The solar line” of TsIMa, the documentary performance “Before and after” of the Workshop of Dmitry Brusnikin. Other significant part — an exhibition from a meeting of MMOMA on which through works of artists from Kazimir Malevich and Alexandra Exter to Aidan Salakhova, Pavel Peppershtein and Timur Novikov art history of the Russian art of the 20th century is presented.

Besides, the special educational program in which with master classes, lectures and trainings Roman Dolzhansky, Ksenia Peretrukhina, Roman Feodori, Victor Ryzhakov, Elena Tupyseva, Marat Gatsalov, Ilya Kukharenko and many others will take part is organized.

9, вс

The children’s repertoire of the Tomsk Theatre for Young Audience is replenished with an enviable speed — here, for example, the premiere of the performance “The Sky in a Pocket” was held yesterday. Ekaterina Kostina and Vsevolod Trunov have created a performance based on the work by Igor Farbarzhevich of “the Fairy tale of the Little Young fox” and have embodied it on the stage. Children, having visited a performance, will be able to get under a strawberry rain and to play a hide-and-seek with Old the Echo, and adults — to remember themselves, the childhood and dreams.

And not so long ago there has taken place the premiere of one more performance for family viewing — “Children and these” according to the book by Grigory Oster: participate in statement not only actors — help to tell stories to them dolls and also video broadcasting online.

It is possible to see these performances on September 15 and 16 respectively next time.


8, сб

The Red Torch theater opens a season a new performance of Timofey Kulyabin "Children of the sun" according to the play by Maxim Gorky. This play, is surprisingly much more popular in Europe, than in Russia where statements her can be counted on fingers. Present will transfer the audience from the beginning of the 20th century to his end – events are developed on the eve of and right after approach of a millennium. The director has almost got rid of social pathos completely and has concentrated on relationship of the central characters – by the way, "having moved" them to the hostel of Stanford University.

The performance prior to the premiere has been invited to the TERRITORIYa festival – in Moscow he will be shown on October 14 and 15.

7, пт

As we also promised, we tell about events which remained in the shadow of a summer holiday. For example, while many had a rest, the Sverdlovsk drama theater released a new performance and today, on September 7, one of premier displays. The historical and adventure novel by Alexandre Dumas “Three musketeers” directed by Mikhail Zayets has turned into the romantic comedy — the theatrical imagination based on the known plot.

Action begins on evening of a reunion on which everyone reincarnates in “the” literary character. Despite so courageous transfer, the main thing remains indestructible — as the love, nobility and friendship in the 19th century were important, they are so necessary and now.


6, чт

On a substantial scale the Novosibirsk drama theater “Old House” which has updated a facade and interiors during the summer opens a season — there will pass the three-day marathon with the actions which aren’t repeating each other. On September 6, 7 and 8 the sensational premiere of last season “Sociopath/Hamlet” will be shown, and it here will be surrounded and with an excursion on theater, both an exhibition, and concert programs, and a performance from the new regular director Polina Kardymon and Anastasia Moskalyova and Daniil Gladkikh’s most interesting lecture “That not so with Elsinor? Hamlet and other sociopaths”.

For the sake of all this, are sure, it is worth and going to the same performance three times.

5, ср

The Novokuznetsk drama theater opens a new season the International festival of chamber theaters “Windows” — we won’t be afraid to call it a marathon because in three days, from September 5 to September 7, 9 performances will be shown, and in addition there will take place spectator discussions and seminars.

Among participants this year Novosibirsk “First theater”, National theater of the Republic of Karelia, Kazan Chamber “Theatre. The act”, the St. Petersburg Chamber theater of Malyshchitsky, Youth drama theater “From Roz Street” from Chisinau, Teater KEF from Sweden ...

Audience is waited by performances according to Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Ivan Vyrypayev, Yaroslava Pulinovich, Jun’s works Foss, Kadzuo Ishiguro. Look for the full program of a festival on the website of theater.

With opening, Novokuznetsk!


4, вт

Premier Eugene Onegin in the Ekaterinburg Theatre for Young Audience not casually goes with a subtitle “a collection of motley chapters” — the director Ksenia Kuznetsova has weaved motley cloth from the text which, perhaps, each of us can partially quote though wake at night.

The fate of heroes in a performance merges in a stream in which Pushkin stanzas intertwine with plastic etudes — through a certain reticence each viewer finds own meanings in familiar for a long time history.

Premier displays — on September 4 and 19.

And in the Sverdlovsk drama theater there have taken place premier displays of superexpected “Seagull” according to the play by Anton Chekhov — statement was carried out by Grigory Kozlov, for the first time since 2010 left for work as native St. Petersburg “Workshop”.

The attention of theater-goers is drawn, certainly, also by the fact that Arkadin-Trigorin’s couple of in a performance is played by Irina Yermolova and Alexander Bargman.

It is possible to see “Chaika” with own eyes on October 12 and 13.

1, сб
The New-Siberian transit comes back!

Well, at last the fall came!

We droplets don’t long on hot days because we are glad to return to you, dear colleagues — theaters of the Urals, Siberia and the Far East. We hope, you and us are waited by the mass of everything interesting, and know that someone didn’t relax even in the summer.

In July in the Omsk Theatre for Young Audience the premiere of statement of Yury Pechenezhsky of “ONEGIN” was held, in August there took place tours of the Russian drama theater of Bestuzhev to Tyumen (and in October already residents of Tyumen will arrive to Ulan-Ude), last week the Novosibirsk city theater under the leadership of Sergey Afanasyev submitted the version of “Vassa the Zheleznovy”.

We will try to tell about everything in more detail, and you don’t forget to share with us news — send them to e-mail:

With a new season all of us!


The events is over :-)
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