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September, 2015

6, вс
Nizhny Tagil

In Nizhny Tagil Drama Theatre go first run "Marriage of Figaro", dedicated to the opening of the jubilee, the 70th theatrical season. It is interesting that six decades ago, "The Marriage of Figaro" was already on the scene - it was one of the first prime novёhonkogo Nizhny Tagil theater. The new version of the comedy by Beaumarchais is student Roman Viktyuk Dmitri Kasimov, who worked in the theater wizard, as well as in St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Ryazan, Petrozavodsk and other Russian cities. Genre Comedy - "one crazy day in two acts."

6, вс

Ural capital always delivers many theatrical news, but how would we, my friends, do not like not to overload them your tape, do not pay attention to the Centre of modern drama simply can no longer. :)Here today — the prime minister to children who are not afraid of scary stories and characters that look different from what viewers see little in the mirror every day. Emil Big Head, the protagonist of the play Svetlana Bazhenova in her own play, like Edward Scissorhands — it’s different, though, and lives in a small town where everything is and he freaks. Emile love with girl-Ball. And their history proves that when hand in hand, but in the heart — a sincere feeling of love, warmth and affection, you can win as much as a hostile world.

5, сб

Not a bad way to open at the beginning of the season came up with a small stage the State Russian Drama Theater named after Bestuzhev. Today starts the first in Buryatia workshop for young dramatists "Author's Stage", which will be headlined by well-known throughout the country dramatists Alexei and Ksenia Dragunskaya Slapovsky. The format of the workshop has been tested in 27 Russian cities, so its effectiveness can be no doubt. At the end of ten seminar, 14 September, will be held stage shows fragments of plays by young playwrights participants. By the way, they come from all over Russia. We wish you successful work colleagues and heated discussions!

4, пт

6 days, 11 theaters, a dozen performances (including one all-Russian premiere) today in Yekaterinburg begins marathon — XIII All-Russian Festival “The Real Theater”, which this year celebrates 25 years! We heartily congratulate personally the founder and artistic director of the festival Oleg Semenovich Loev, all involved and we wish only real meetings, real debate and real experience! And the weather in Yekaterinburg until September 9 but will not have to wear calf boots! ;) (Do not understand what we — go to the link, it tells the legend)

Huge real good luck to all participants of the festival, especially the “Red Torch”, whose "Dovlatov. Jokes "opens today on the stage of the festival Ekaterinburg Youth Theater!

3, чт

Tomsk Drama Theatre at the end of last season, saw his audience hungry for modern drama, and continues a series of readings of actual plays. "Karenina" Basil Sigareva, which tonight will read Tomsk artists can hardly be called a hoax, although, of course, it is based on the universe of Tolstoy's famous novel. But if Leo focuses on throws woman, committed treason, the student Kolyada Sigarev displays the image from the Twilight deceived husband of Anna Karenina, Alexei Karenina - his drama playwright interesting. By the way, last year went to the movie screens film "Goodbye Mama" Alexandra child starring (in the photo - frame of film). He wrote the script Sigarev, building on its "Karenina".

2, ср

Kolyada Theatre” does not seem travels the beaches and summer cottages in general: the twelfth theater season has opened here a month ago, on 2 August. The site of the theater — enchanting plans that detail painted until mid-spring. And we are writing this article to congratulate Yekaterinburg colleagues now “Kolyada Theatre” is a Chamber Stage 50 viewers! Now in its repertoire — five performances of plays by Nikolai Kolyada and his disciples, and preparing new productions. Shows are scheduled for the weekend at 14:00, and ticket prices will be democratic — to 300 rubles. In the photo — a scene from the play “The lessons of the heart” on the play Irina Vaskovskaya. On completion, dear Nikolai Vladimirovich and the team!

1, вт

September 1 — the Day of Knowledge, and it’s time again to start to share the news. We are glad to get back to you, dear colleagues, the Urals, Siberia and the Far East — all from the beginning of the new theater season! We wish you a realization of all plans, eventful life and successful prime. And we’re always ready to serving fresh news about your writings.

And remember that the acceptance of applications for “Novo-Siberian transit” — in 2016 continues — they are waiting until 15 November.

1, вт

“Come on, all together, the ears hang!” The very first every year theatrical season opened children’s and youth theaters. Some manage to podgadat for the new school year, the whole premiere. And even if it is restored with new actors play the old, in the Altai Youth Theatre, fresh impressions young viewers are provided. On the “Bremen Town Musicians” directed by Vladimir Filimonov increased demand so that the theater had to arrange an additional display on the Day of Knowledge! With the opening and colleagues!

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