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October, 2013

6, вс

Night show “Great Migration freaks” Nikolai Rudkovsky the Russian Drama Theatre named after Mikhail Lermontov. Director — Eugene Lantsov.

6, вс

The Youth Theatre Altai premiere of “The Gilded foreheads,” the tale of Boris Shergina of staging Yaroslava Pulinovich. Director — Anton Beziaikov.

5, сб

Opens the season Ust-Ilim Drama and comedy play “shoes with thick soles” on the play Peter Gladilina. Director — Paul Kovalchuk.

4, пт

Play “Clever Love” on the text of Lope de Vega Tomsk Drama opens new art season. Director — Dmitry Vasilyev.

4, пт

The premiere of "The Last Love" Valery Muharyamova in Chelyabinsk Theater of Drama named Nahum Orlov. Director - Oleg Eremin.

3, чт
Novo-Siberian Transit

Attention, theaters Siberia, the Urals and the Far East! We are pleased to introduce you to the experts III Interregional Festival Competition "Novo-Siberian transit". Chairman of the Advisory Board - a theater critic, the demiurge of Russian Oleg Loevsky festival movement.

3, чт

Example of social drama “Family Ghoul” play Basil Sigareva in Novokuznetsk Drama Theatre. Director — Rinat Fazleev.

3, чт

Starts XI festival of professional theaters "Camerata 2013".

2, ср

Opening the season premiere of “School for Fools” based on the novel by Sasha Sokolov in Chelyabinsk Drama Chamber Theater. Director — Larisa Alexandrova.

1, вт

Tours of Chekhov Center will be held at the north of Sakhalin.

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