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September, 2012

18, вт

Prokopievsk drama theatre named after Lenin komsomol will open the season by the performance “Translation is necessary” by B. Fril, directed by Pavel Zobnin.

16, вс
Chita – Ulan-Ude

September 16 — 23 — tour of trans-Baikal regional drama theater on the stage of Russian Drama Theater named after Bestuzhev.

14, пт

Theater “Old House” opens its new theater season.

12, ср

The festival “Novosibirsk seasons” coincided with the 75th anniversary of Novosibirsk region started in the “Globe” theatre.

11, вт

Amur regional drama theatre opens its 129th season with sakhalin tour.

11, вт

Studio-Theatre “The first theater” will present the premiere on the play by W. Krasnogorov “Golden Avalanche”. Production director — Pavel Yuzhakov.

10, пн

Dear friends, you are welcome to visit the new website of Tomsk Youth Theater.

9, вс

Omsk “Fifth Theater” opens its XXII theater season. On this day — the premiere “Zoyka’s apartment.” Director Anatoly Praudin.

6, чт

Dear friends, you are welcome to visit the new website of Krasnoyarsk Youth Theater.

5, ср

The performance «TOVARICH» will open the 80th theater season of Prymorskyy regional drama theater named after M. Gorky.

4, вт
Novosibirsk – Barnaul

The «Red Torch» theater opens the tour on the stage of Altay drama theater named after V.M. Shukshin.

3, пн
Novosibirsk — St.Petersbourg

Opening of the tour of St.Petersbourg Lensoviet theater on the stage of the “Red Torch” theater (in the frames of the program “Exchange tour”).

2, вс
Krasnoyarsk – Irkutsk

September 2 — 10 — the tour of Krasnoyarsk drama theater named after A.S. Pushkin on the stage of Irkutsk drama theater named after A.P. Okhlopkov.

1, сб
Welcome back from vacation! We were missing ...

Dear friends. The summer, period of our vacation, is over. We are together again, and the site of "Novo-Siberian Transit" continues its work. We are waiting for news, photos, reports - in other words all what is your theater today.

The events is over :-)
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