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January, 2012

22, вс

At Кurgan drama theatre they started work on the comedy by A.Korovkin’s play “Dangerous boys”. Directed by Anna Feketa.

22, вс

The rehearsals of the performance “Ladies nights” started on the stage of Krasnoyarsk drama theatre named after Pushkin. Director Oleg Rybkin.

21, сб

Rehearsals of a new performance by D.Scarnacci, R.Tarabyzzi “My profession — signor from the society” started at Аltay regional drama thetre named after V. М. Shukshin. Director Vladimir Chernjadev.

20, пт

“The Red Torch” theatre starts preparing a new performance by Shakespeare’s comedy “Merry wives of Windsor”. Director Alexander Khuhlin. The premiere will take place on 14 April.

19, чт

Alexander Bargman started rehearsals of the performance “Liar” by Carlo Goldoni’s play on the stage of Оmsk drama theatre.

18, ср

Two premieres at once are prepared on the stage of Тyumen drama theatre: “One flew over the cuckoo’s nest” (director — Alexey Larichev) and “Bankrupt” (director — Vladimir Orel).

17, вт

The premiere “Beautiful people” by I. Turgenev is prepared on the stage of Irkutsk drama theatre named after N. Okhlopkov. Director Sergey Filippov.

16, пн

Tragicomedy “Frederic, or Boulevard of crime” was performed the last on the Big stage of the Тheatre named after A.S. Pushkin before restoration.

15, вс

Two premieres by the works of classics of Russian literature at once will take place on the stage of the theatre named after N. Okhlopkov in the middle of February.

14, сб

News of Аltay drama theatre named after V. Shukshin at first hand.

13, пт

Theatre under the direction of S.Afanasiev started rehearsals of the performance “Illusions” by Ivan Virypaev play. Production director – Sergey Afanasiev.

12, чт

In Chelyabinsk drama theater named after Naum Orlov the theatrical laboratory “Drama in the ‘Ch’ city” under the guidance of the head of the expert council of the festival-contest “New-Siberian Transit ” Oleg Loevsky takes place.

11, ср

From January 11 till January 15 – tour of the theater “Gallery” to St.Petersbourg, on the stage of the Theater of Satire.

10, вт

Krasnoyarsk drama theater named after Pushkin will be closed for reconstruction.

10, вт

So, the New Year’s marathon is over. Congratulations to all who successfully passed it through! Now some people have a little rest, while others — the new responsibilities.

Since January 13, the experts of the II festival-contest “New-Siberian Transit” go on working trip to the theaters of Siberia, the Urals and the Far East.

The events is over :-)
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