Regions Events

September, 2010

4, сб

Minusinsk: on the stage of Мinusinsk drama theatre...

3, пт

Barnaul: In Аltai regional drama theatre named after V.M. Shukshin...

2, чт

Omsk: Оmsk academic drama theatre is preparing...

1, ср

Barnaul: Altai regional youth theatre received...

August, 2010

31, вт

Novokuznetsk: news about appointments.

June, 2010

25, пт

The poster of the Festival 2010 safely passed to the section «History». See a 15-teen minutes reel with working materials about festival. Many persons will see themselves, colleagues, friends and one more time will recall how it was.

9, ср

The Festival receives many thanks, grateful letters, congratulations from participants and guests of the festival. Recently the collective of the «Red torch» and its director were mentioned in the letter of thanks by the Governor of Novosibirsk region Victor Tolokonsky.

9, ср

Press about the Festival.

2, ср

8 days «as one instant».

May, 2010

28, пт

Laureates of the Festival are known.

28, пт

Dear friends! Today we say goodbye to the Festival. Feel sorry? Certainly, yes! There are two years of creative searches, ideas and their embodiments and... a new meeting! See you soon, our favourite and almost native «Festival people»!

20, чт

We congratulate everyone because of the opening of the Festival! Create, dare, communicate, win... Be happy!

19, ср

Hurray! Visitors are coming! Today we welcome Krasnoyarsk drama theatre named after A.S.Pushkin and Novokuznetsk drama theatre! The Festival begins. COME on!

13, чт

Attention! The schedule of the festival events!
Exactly in a week we welcome guests. Looking forward!

9, вс

Let harmony and well-being be in every house, because the eternal aspiration of people to peace, to freedom, to the better life is invincible.
We cordially wish to all well-being, health and happy longevity.
Happy Victory Day!