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September, 2018

5, ср

The Novokuznetsk drama theater opens a new season the International festival of chamber theaters “Windows” — we won’t be afraid to call it a marathon because in three days, from September 5 to September 7, 9 performances will be shown, and in addition there will take place spectator discussions and seminars.

Among participants this year Novosibirsk “First theater”, National theater of the Republic of Karelia, Kazan Chamber “Theatre. The act”, the St. Petersburg Chamber theater of Malyshchitsky, Youth drama theater “From Roz Street” from Chisinau, Teater KEF from Sweden ...

Audience is waited by performances according to Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Ivan Vyrypayev, Yaroslava Pulinovich, Jun’s works Foss, Kadzuo Ishiguro. Look for the full program of a festival on the website of theater.

With opening, Novokuznetsk!


4, вт

Premier Eugene Onegin in the Ekaterinburg Theatre for Young Audience not casually goes with a subtitle “a collection of motley chapters” — the director Ksenia Kuznetsova has weaved motley cloth from the text which, perhaps, each of us can partially quote though wake at night.

The fate of heroes in a performance merges in a stream in which Pushkin stanzas intertwine with plastic etudes — through a certain reticence each viewer finds own meanings in familiar for a long time history.

Premier displays — on September 4 and 19.

And in the Sverdlovsk drama theater there have taken place premier displays of superexpected “Seagull” according to the play by Anton Chekhov — statement was carried out by Grigory Kozlov, for the first time since 2010 left for work as native St. Petersburg “Workshop”.

The attention of theater-goers is drawn, certainly, also by the fact that Arkadin-Trigorin’s couple of in a performance is played by Irina Yermolova and Alexander Bargman.

It is possible to see “Chaika” with own eyes on October 12 and 13.

1, сб
The New-Siberian transit comes back!

Well, at last the fall came!

We droplets don’t long on hot days because we are glad to return to you, dear colleagues — theaters of the Urals, Siberia and the Far East. We hope, you and us are waited by the mass of everything interesting, and know that someone didn’t relax even in the summer.

In July in the Omsk Theatre for Young Audience the premiere of statement of Yury Pechenezhsky of “ONEGIN” was held, in August there took place tours of the Russian drama theater of Bestuzhev to Tyumen (and in October already residents of Tyumen will arrive to Ulan-Ude), last week the Novosibirsk city theater under the leadership of Sergey Afanasyev submitted the version of “Vassa the Zheleznovy”.

We will try to tell about everything in more detail, and you don’t forget to share with us news — send them to e-mail:

With a new season all of us!


June, 2018

14, чт

In a distant exotic journey, the collective of the Kemerovo Theater for children and youth left: it will have to subdue the spectators ... of Beijing and Kunshan! From June 12 to July 8, Kemerovo residents will show 32 performances in China and even hold eight master classes. Such lengthy tours were organized at the invitation of The A.S.K. (Art space for kids) Beijing.

And the rest of the troupe is preparing for the closing of the season at the same time, under the curtain of which will be a new premiere — “The film is being shot” based on the play by Edvard Radzinsky staged by the artistic director of the theater Irina Latynnikova. In details of the shooting process, you can dive on June 20 at 18.30.

13, ср

In the meantime, on the opposite bank of the Yenisei, viewers are introduced to a comedy of a completely different type: Roman Feodori put the latest premiere in the season of the Krasnoyarsk theater of the young spectator in the fashionable Stand-up genre, based on the play by contemporary playwright Valery Shergin.

To shine on stage in a new play is destined only for the representatives of the beautiful half of the troupe — this story is about women. “They act without thinking about the consequences, as if a catastrophe is about to occur, — some supernova will explode, two suns will appear in the sky, all living things will perish and nothing will ever happen again. Or maybe a catastrophe is already happening in souls and heads? Awareness of this is the first step to salvation. ”

Revelations of girls Krasnoyarsk people will be able to hear today, June 13, at 19.00

7, чт

Someone might think that the closer the closing season, the less interesting the events in theaters. Nothing like this!

We are happy to continue our festival theme: just about the bands from Chelyabinsk, Nizhny Tagil, Krasnoturinsk, Yekaterinburg and Moscow will embark on the “Irbit stage” − 2018. Interregional Theater Festival, which has been counted since 1993, will be held this time from 9 to 17 June. And its owners will open — the Irbitsky Drama Theater. A. N. Ostrovsky will present the musical comedy “Hanuma” in the production of the main director Vyacheslav Dobrovolsky.

We wish all the participants good shows, and the audience — new vivid impressions!

April, 2018

22, вс

At the beginning of this week the Tomsk Theatre for Young Audience has celebrated a birthday — 38 years. And it comes to the end with other important holiday — a long-awaited premiere.

Nikolay Gogol’s “marriage” shouldn’t be acquainted with a scene: for years, decades, even the bride Agafya Tikhonovna for centuries made a portrait of ideal future spouse: “If yes to put Nicanor Ivanovich’s lips to Ivan Kuzmich’s nose and to take some forwardness what at Balthasar Baltazarycha and, perhaps, to add to it still Ivan Pavlovich’s portlinesses ...”

The director Ekaterina Gorokhovskaya who is fallen in love to the Tomsk viewer by the performance “Brother of Lys and/or Brother Krolik” has created the gentle and ironic, sated bright images performance, having presented new breath to good old classics.

With a premiere and with the passed birthday, expensive!

Create and be happy!

21, сб

Works about teenagers and for teenagers, despite the increasing address to them of modern writers, are considered at us as a rarity, and therefore value. New work of the Ekaterinburg MDT "Teatron" – one more fine example of involvement of young audience to judgment of subjects interesting to her.

In the center of a performance #iwantinschool according to the eponymous book by Evgenia Pasternak and Andrey Zhvalevsky – history of the uneven-age company of the children adoring training process. Still, it consists not in cramming of boring rules, and in joint adventures: from flight in the balloon before conquest of Everest. Well than not school of a dream? However it is always necessary to fight for the dream is and friends should learn.

The following premier display – on May 6 at 18:00

March, 2018

15, чт

Any strong feelings tend to gradually fade. To somehow renew the relationship, the couple decides to pretend for a short time to be strangers to each other. Perhaps, the experiment would have succeeded, if it had not been for visiting relatives, in the acquaintance with which a ridiculous deceit was mingled.

You have already guessed that this story takes place according to the laws of the sitcom — the guests of the Achinsk Drama Theater are obviously waiting for a cheerful premiere! Novosibirsk director Konstantin Kolesnik suggests that the viewer should look into the apartment window, where an ordinary family — playwright heroes Lilia Mozart — enjoys the moments of happiness and overcomes her little adversities. “Two husbands at the price of one” will be played on March 15 and 16 at 19.00, on March 17 at 18.00.

February, 2018

18, вс

If you thought that the New Year and the news related to it are already far behind, you were wrong! Indeed, according to the lunar calendar, this holiday came just recently, which means that many people just started celebrating it. Buryad Theater invites friends for large celebrations in honor of Sagaalgan: guests from Aghi, Jida and Eraven will gather for festive concerts on February 18, 23, 24 and 25.

And from February, 19th till March, 2nd the theater will congratulate the small spectator with the performance devoted to the come year of the Dog. Kashtanka, White Bim, Chink and other beloved four-footed heroes from childhood will appear on stage to tell their kind, touching, sad and funny stories.

It’s nice to write again: “Happy New Year, my friends! Be happy!”

1, чт

Poetry — one of the most irregular shapes of a statement. And these statements as we understand, can be not only gentle, lyrical, but also heavy, with powerful tragic sounding. Acquaintance to the difficult subjects comprehended in very hard time is necessary to seniors in the Tobolsk drama theater of Yershov.

The poem by Anna Akhmatova “Requiem” admitted literary critics and critics to one of the strongest works of the 20th century incorporating a set of voices of the country and an era more than once. The performance written by the director Liana Tokareva includes also diaries and letters of the poet and her relatives. Dialogue with reading by actors documents and the poem will be entered by the composition of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart of the same name, increasing the volume of scenic action.

The poetic conversation under the name “I See, I Hear, I Feel You...” will begin on February 1 at 15:00

January, 2018

27, сб

For three days, the Small Stage of the Khabarovsk Territory Drama Theater turned into an experimental one, which means the opening of the "Winter Director's Laboratory" here. Three young, but already well-known and seriously demanded director from two capitals will acquaint Khabarovsk with his stage versions of plays by contemporary playwrights. In addition to reviewing the sketches of performances, the three-day event is also pleased with the meetings with the critics. Oksana Efremenko (Novosibirsk) looks at the expert "Review of the best performances of the National Golden Mask Festival-2018", and Pavel Rudnev (Moscow) explains "Why there is a director's theater and why you can rethink the classics."

We wish the participants of the laboratory good shows and draw the attention of the audience to their schedule:

  • January 27 at 13.00 "Karas" M. Dadichenko (director Sergei Chekhov, Moscow)
  • January 28 at 19.00 "Seryozha is very stupid" D. Danilov (director Alexei Zabegin, St. Petersburg)
  • January 28 at 19.00 "Application" A. Voloshina (directed by Nikolay Russian, St. Petersburg)

26, пт

In the world literature there are many strong female images that any actress dreams to embody on the stage. But rarely when one can perform several such powerful roles in one work. This unique opportunity was directed by Yevgeny Zenzin to Xenia Boyko, putting the play “The Triptych for One Actress” at the New Art Theater.

All the heroines appeared from the playwright Nina Mazur’s plays, which, in turn, appealed to the famous stories of the classics: in her Medea, Lady Capulets and Nights with Giacomina, the characters and stories of the great Euripides, Shakespeare and Boccaccio are reconsidered.

Three women are united by the theme of motherhood, but each man copes with this important function in different ways. Slandered Medea, according to Mazur, who did not kill her children, is forced to remember the descendants of a terrible monster. Capulet is doomed to live with a sense of guilt for the death of young Juliet. Giacomina, being the most resilient and free of them, transmits this vitality and thirst for bright events to her daughter’s legacy.

How can one actress imagine such unlike archetypes of women and mothers, Chelyabinsk people will see at the premiere on January 26 and 27 at 18.00.

25, чт

If the unprepared viewer of the Tomsk Drama Theater inform during the today's premiere that the performers of the leading roles graduated from the institute last year, he will grin in disbelief - at such a respectable age actors are nowhere trained! But he should see Svetlana Zadvinskaya, Alexandra Zelenskaya and Darya Omelchenko in life, everything will fall into place: the young graduates are really unrecognizable in the images of their "Old women".

Independent student work, interested in the thesis show director Andrei Cherpin, turned under his supervision into a real repertoire performance. The staging in the genre of "post-revolutionary absurdity" based on the works of Daniil Kharms conceals a lot of strange characters, mysterious situations and even a feeling of unreality of what is happening.

The audience, whose seats were transferred from the hall directly to the stage, will fall into the phantasmagoric space on January 24 at 19.00

24, ср

If the Irbit Drama Theater proudly bears the name of Alexander Nikolaevich Ostrovsky, then the plays of this great playwright must certainly appear in his repertoire. And today the heroes of the comedy “Not All Cats Shrove” will be transferred to the Urals. Famous scenes from Moscow’s life are played out under the leadership of Sergei Baliev.

Undecidable dilemmas: spiritual well-being or material security, love or status, happiness of one’s neighbor or one’s own arrangement — seemed to the directors actual in the 21st century not less than in the XIX.

We think you guessed what choice the young heroine and her mother would make, and the details on January 25 at 6 pm.