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January, 2018

19, пт

There are meetings that are not crowned with the notorious happy ending, but they go through the whole destiny of lovers. One of the brightest unfinished love stories, "The Warsaw Melody" by Leonid Zorin, can already celebrate a half-century anniversary on the Russian stage.

Given this fact, director Oleg Hristolyubsky in the new premiere of the Lesosibirsk Drama Theater "Poisk" decided to play with the traditions of the play, referring to the legendary performance of Ruben Simonov in the theater. Vakhtangova (1947).

Dialogue of epochs, as well as timeless relations of man and woman, were organized in a kind of collage, which became a genre definition of work.

A difficult choice that affected the rest of his life awaits Gelen and Viktor on January 19 and 20 at 7 pm

December, 2017

9, сб


For one evening in Novosibirsk, at once three wealthy gentlemen — which is remarkable, all foreigners — applied to the police with statements about the activities of the new criminal organization. Scammers were looking for a victim from among wealthy people and, spinning a scam on one of the many schemes, robbed the poor fellow before the thread. However, it is worth giving them their due — they did it easily, charmingly, inventing and changing the most incredible images, played before the victims the real ideas: with professional tricks, disguises, fervent dances, heartfelt songs.

The victims admitted embarrassed that they had received tremendous pleasure from what they saw and were even ready to repeat the dangerous experience.

Well, this opportunity will be presented to them on the stage of the Red Torch Theater more than once.

Director Konstantin Kolesnik invites spectators to look at the tricks of the crafty “Adventurers” at the premiere of the performance on December 9 and 10 at 6 pm

November, 2017

9, чт

What is the apocalypse? Everyone has their own answer to this question. For the 16-year-old Sasha (who calls himself Moth) the collapse of the universe is the split of his “strong, loving family.” Unsettled, the suffering of the closest people lead to the fact that the Moth closes more and more from the society, finding a rescue in a strange friendship with the woman living in the underground passage — Lizanka. Director Anna Bychkova for the first time brings to theatrical stage the heroes of the play Anastasia Bukreeva “Gandhi was silent on Saturdays”. The process of forced growing up under the influence of difficult circumstances understands the performance through the mind of the adolescent. His understanding of the new, incomprehensible world Moth will entrust viewers of the Kemerovo Drama Theater on November 10 at 19.00. On Friday — until Gandhi was still silent.

October, 2017

26, чт

Today, the Nizhnevartovsk Drama Theater celebrates its anniversary: ​​for the fifth time the International Theater Festival of small-form plays “Northern Meetings” will take place. This year the program promises multicolored and sparkling, like festive fireworks. Russian collectives will share the stage with long-awaited guests from abroad: Azerbaijan, the USA, Buryatia, Italy and Lithuania. The hospitable host theater in turn will present the comedy-joke “Plant a tree” by Alexei Zhitkovsky staged by Margarita Zaychikova.

Daily discussions of the performances by experts from Hanover, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Tyumen will be held in the foyer — there is also a huge bed with colored bedspreads, so that guests and participants, tired of the long road, could rest a bit.

Such a caring and cozy festival awaits viewers from October 26 to 29!

25, ср

More recently, resourceful Silva and conscientious Busygin tried to register in the Sarafan house in the walls of the Khakass Puppet Theater “Fairy Tale”, which we also congratulated on the premiere. But now a fast night train has already brought friends to a new stage — the Irkutsk Youth Theater.

The work of Alexander Vampilov, whose name the theater wears, has been constantly researched and interpreted here for many years. It is not surprising that Victor Tokarev chose the work he had already repeatedly addressed to the 80th anniversary of the playwright, a landmark for this land. The focus of the new production, which initially hints its name, is the Sarafanov family, led by the touching, lonely, immensely loving of their children, Andrei Grigorievich. The melancholy of the unrealized creator, sounded in the play by the many-voiced choir, brings out a tragic intonation in the lyrical and comic story.

Find out what will be the consolation of the suffering heart of the musician, you can 25, 26, 27 at 18.00

12, чт

The continuous alternation of white and black keys determines the life of the heroes of Ketil Bjornstad’s novel The Pianists. Major harmony is often invaded by minor intonations, and disturbing vibrations of trills can be resolved into a triumphal chord.

The heavy workday of a young pianist — painful rehearsals, doubts, the collapse of ambitions, survival in an atmosphere of competition — sometimes lead to the eternal question of “to be or not to be.” And then the musical camp becomes a battlefield with itself.

For the production at the Globus Youth Theater, the St. Petersburg director Boris Pavlovich turned to the work of a contemporary Norwegian writer and composer to talk about finding a man his way and asserting himself on it.

The story of a young musician, told without a single piano sound, can be heard on October 12 and 13 at 6.30 pm on the small stage of the Globus Theater.

Congratulations on the premiere!

3, вт

The new theatrical season brought the “American Dream” to the Tomsk Drama Theater.

In the play “The Imagic of Mr. O. Henry” director Andrei Cherpin brought to the stage the great master of short novels and his funny, impudent, touching characters. The stories of the American classic are played out in moving scenery and replace each other, forming a multi-colored collage of tricks, musical numbers, video projections. Yes, there, the genre of “illusion” speaks for itself!

The premiere took place on 1 October.


September, 2017

28, чт

The play by Valentin Krasnogorov “The Dog” successfully goes both on the stages of New York, and, say, in Cheremkhovo. And today the performance on this material will be replenished with the repertoire of the Irbit Drama Theater. A dog as an actor in the play is, but the name is not only about it. Spectators are expected to premiere on September 28 on the Small Stage.

15, пт

“It will be life-affirming, lyrical, sarcastic, ironic, poetic, musical and spiritualizing!” — The Krasnoyarsk Drama Theater presents today the premiere of “Ya. OTHER. SUCH. COUNTRIES”. Drama concert in two offices on the texts of Dmitry Aleksandrovich Prigov was directed by Dmitry Egorov. In the program of the concert, the director and the theater promise: the People’s Theater of revolutionary Petrograd, an exclusive performance by the soloists of the Bolshoi and Maly Musical Theaters, the appearance of the twice redknight choir them. Anastas Mikoyan, a theatrical lecture “Pushkin is Russia” and several other events that certainly deserve the attention of viewers.

On September 15 and 16 — the premiere shows: take your sense of humor with you!

14, чт

Neskuchnye literature lessons are held in Barnaul Youth Theater of Altai — the new chief director Denis Malyutin decided to arrange “disassembly with the author.” The new project implies actor’s readings of works by Russian classics, followed by a joint analysis with the audience of these works. Today, for example, Anton Chekhov “dismantles”, and in November this fate awaits Nikolai Gogol.

By the way, tomorrow the AIT will host the Novosibirsk Academic Theater “Red Torch” on the stage — Sergei Chekhov’s production “Tectonics of the senses” will be shown for the first time on the tour 15 and 16 September.

12, вт

The laboratory of modern direction, from whose sketches the full-scale performances are already growing, continues in the Omsk "The Fifth Theater". The first premiere of the new season was the social comedy "Prostitutes - No Fire" after Valery Shergin's play directed by Ayrat Abushakhmanov. The heroines of the performance are women clamped and, on the contrary, too liberated, residents of sleeping areas who are looking for happiness, not disdaining any ways. And if the author of the play is ruthless towards the heroines, then the director looks at them from another point of view.

Premier shows - 12, 19, September 29.

11, пн

Professional theaters, theatrical studios, theater projects, universities, colleges, faculties! All-Russian festival-competition of chamber performances and solo performances "One. Two. Three "announces the receipt of applications for participation.The festival itself will be held in Novosibirsk from February 7 to 19, 2018, bringing together performances in which no more than three actors are employed. Applications will be accepted until October 31. All the details are here.

8, пт
Ekaterinburg and all-all-all

Today, again, Oleg Loevsky will flash his chrome boots and his offspring - the All-Russian Festival "Real Theater" - will be open! During 8 days of XIV "The Real Theater" 22 performances of 18 theaters and creative associations from Ekaterinburg, Omsk, Novosibirsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yaroslavl, Kazan, Novokuibyshevsk, Minusinsk, Serov, Kirov, Tallinn (Estonia) will be presented. As always, the program includes performances of different genres both in classical and modern drama. For example, Vasily Sigarev's "Karenin" is here for two - from Alexei Pesegov and the Tallinn Theater R.A.A.A.M. and from Egor Chernyshov and the Kirov Theater on Spassky. In general, who else is not in Yekaterinburg - quit business and go for impressions!

7, чт

Kemerovo Theater for Children and Youth this season launches a new project — «Theater of Another Space.» Going beyond the traditional scenic box, Kemerovo residents are filled with new meanings of space in which the theater is difficult to immediately present — a shopping center, an airport, a bank, a railway station. The first performance played on an unconventional stage will be Ivan Vyrypaev’s «Drunken» directed by Irina Latynnikova — heroes experience one night’s own discovery and talk about the main thing.

The shows will be held on September 7 and 9 in the café-bar «Mayak».

6, ср

The annual All-Russian youth theatrical forum festival “ARTMIGRATsIYa” continues in Moscow — and this year several theaters of the Urals and Siberia participate in it at once. Already the Kansk drama theater showed the “Patsansky stories”, today the Ekaterinburg Yeltsin Center represents “War which wasn’t” according to Polina Zherebtsova’s diaries, tomorrow — the Buryat drama theater of Namsarayev will play “Flight. Bilchirsky history” based on the story by Valentin Rasputin “Farewell to Matyora”.

And will close a forum on September 10 the Kemerovo regional drama theater statement according to the play by Martin Makdonakh “The cripple from the island of Inishmaan”.

Successful displays!