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December, 2016

9, пт

Christmas comes to Shadrinsk bit earlier than all — today the audience Drama Theatre plunge into the premier, “The Night Before Christmas.” Gogol’s characters come to life on stage Shadrinsk — Vakula and Oksana, Chub and Solokha, Hell and Queen Catherine zakruzhat heads witnesses and their wonderful fairy tale. 9 and 11 December — Christmas adventure begins!

8, чт

In the stories Basil Shukshin with all the heroes of the case. Stage confirmation of this assumption may be obtained from Novokuznetsk Drama Theater: premiere here today with such name — “Anything can happen.” Nine Stories about the different intertwined directed by Mikhail Lebedev, which is especially important for the naive simplicity Shukshin hero, his purity. Do they have lost us today, or there is hope? 8 and 9 December — the first attempt to find the answer to this question.

7, ср

In Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, on the initiative of the local branch of STD which year there is a contest of independent actors' work, with a light hand the organizers called "Golden waste of time." This year the theme of the artists was given serious - work of William Shakespeare. The jury could assess with Petruchio and Katharina of "The Taming of the Shrew", and Queen Catherine of historical chronicle "Henry VIII of", and the Nurse (singing!) From "Romeo and Dzhueletty". But the first place yet conquered "King Lear" - in a fragment of the tragedy played actors "Chekhov-center", and the Lear - Artist Andrey Kuzin - got a chance to creative business trip to Moscow. Congratulations!

6, вт

The first premiere of the season at the National Drama Theatre. Kuchiyak was the chronicle of the Thirty Years War — yes, “Mother Courage and Her Children” by Bertolt Brecht. Directed by Emma Irishev recognized that this work for her — very special and has been conceived for a long time, but there was only now, not least thanks to the actress Irina Maymanovoy. In “Mother Courage” vivid theatrical convention intertwined with a serious conversation about the most important. Over the repertoire of the theater can be monitored in the official group:

3, сб

On important subjects the drama theater and ethnic music of “Chitigen” — here a premiere of the performance “Cold Earth” according to the play of the playwright known under a name Semyon Kirov talks today to the viewer. History of two people, whose unwillingness to hear and understand each other has led to irreversible consequences — and now, already being on other aspect of life, they have to reconcile the conflicting relatives that those haven’t repeated their mistakes. “The cold earth” was embodied on the stage by the director Timur Kulov — the prime minister on December 3.

November, 2016

30, ср

The Chelyabinsk drama theater of Orlov will celebrate the anniversary cheerfully and magnificently on December 9, but a part of actions starts already now. So, the gala concert “95 years together with you will be held today!” — actors of the Drama won’t just start singing, but will start singing under the State Russian orchestra “Malachite”. The most famous and favourite songs on which not one generation has grown will be heard this evening from a scene. With coming, Chelyabinsk!

26, сб

Performance for teenagers — an infrequent case on the theatrical stage, but the director Ekaterina Gorokhovskaya can do everything! In the Tomsk Theatre for Young Audience she has undertaken Lis and Krolik’s judicial proceedings — oh, that is the performance “Brother Krolik and/or Brother of Lys”. Has written the original play based on “Fairy tales of the uncle Rimus” of Joel Harris Anastasia Mordvinova. Forest inhabitants are forced to weigh all pros and cons and to solve which of two heroes of the rights and who is guilty — whether here it is only possible to solve it? On November 26 and 27 — all on a premiere!

26, сб

The Ozyorsk theater Our Home contrary to all difficulties continues realization of one of large regional projects – a festival of the experimental forms "Night in Theatre". Actors from Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg, Kazan will gather in Ozyorsk. This "Night" will be already the seventh and this time it is devoted to love. Not to do without feats, paternosters, battles – and without Romeo and Juliette, of course, too. And for those who would like to join a theatrical holiday, but can't owing to distance, there is good news too – online broadcasting from each corner of theater where there is an action will be conducted. Be connected!

19, сб

Will tell about love of the Parisian courtesan to the young noble romantic in Primorsk the academic drama theater of Gorky today. This story is very popular in theater and cinema. The major role was played by Greta Garbo, Francesca Nery, Greta Scacchi. The speech, of course, about “The lady with camellias” of Alexandre Dumas (son). The version with Aleksandra Auberkova (on a photo) as Margarita Gaultier is submitted by the director Andrey Lapikov — premier displays on November 19, on December 2 and 18.

15, вт

The III Theatrical laboratory “Serious THEATRE” in the Magnitogorsk Pushkin Drama Theatre has finished the work. Important and bright events have taken place for these three days — a meeting with the translator of children’s literature and dramatic art Olga Varshaver, the Performance PROMENYA and The look programs for teenagers. And two displays of the sketch according to the play “Harry Potter and Damned Child” became a highlight — the director Timur Nasirov in a co-authorship with Igor Syvorotkin has prepared the version of the latest play of Jack Thorn and Joanne Rowling. The audience, of course, has almost unambiguously voted FOR the sketch — but that waits for it in the future, it is difficult to tell. For now — the pleasure and joy are received by all participants!

13, вс

“The ghost on tiptoe” turns in “Mother, ciao!” — the prime minister of the comedy on the play Robert Morley today in the Biysk drama theater. What to do when you learn that you needed to live one and a half years? To issue the will and to have a ball — and the businessman Barnsteybl does: hipput, shocks with seven extravagant tricks. And suddenly ... What occurs as a result, the audience learns on premier display on November 13.

12, сб

What is created in the head of the young author? The answer to this question was decided to be looked in Bratsk drama theater — by means of early stories of Alexander Vampilov. Five stories develop in one “Confession of a beginner” — a confession about doubts and torments of the beginning writer on whose place it is easy to present also the person of other profession asking a question: whether the road to lives I have chosen that? By the way, one of stories directed by Sergey Terpugov is presented as a short film — she was removed by actors in the settlement of Porozhsky, and the major role in her is played by the 8-year-old school student. Premier displays continue on November 12 and 13.

12, сб

Maxim Dosko’s play London has triumphally rushed on theatrical stages of the country. One and a half years ago she has entered a short list of “A competition of competitions” of the National festival “Gold Mask” and since then she is actively loved by directors. The version in a genre “a song about the real patriot” today and tomorrow is offered by Alexander Zverev in the Khabarovsk Theatre for Young Audience.

12, сб

The remained days of November will pass in Novosibirsk on “One, two, three” — today the II All-Russian festival competition of chamber and solo performances opens here. Professional theaters and profile educational institutions from Novosibirsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Kemerovo, Barnaul, Mariinsk, Peace will compete for a rank of the best from November 12 to November 25. And the actor’s association “Ponedelnik” opens the program — Semyon Zlotnikov’s play “The man to the woman” for two has come the leading Novosibirsk actors Konstantin Telegin and Elena Zhdanova will play.

10, чт

The adult fairy tale on the experimental stage — the actress of the Altai drama theater Olga Lyubitskaya debuts as the director with “Very simple story” Marina Lado. At first it was independent creative work within the regional festival, however the sketch has pleased both experts, and the audience: means, the place to him on the stage — was solved in theater. The central roles in pritchevy history where on an equal basis with people also pets act, are executed by young actors — Igor Cherepanov and the student of the Altai institute of culture Anastasia Makarova. Premier display today — on November 10.