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January, 2017

26, чт

Everyone who was in the 90s in conscious age, remember the television project "Old songs about the main thing." The whole country nostalgia and sang famous artists. And now you can sing in the auditorium of the Kurgan Drama Theatre - here Irina Zubzhitskaya and Egor Grishin staged concert with a familiar name: "Old songs about the main thing." All the action takes place at the station of a provincial town - people meet and say goodbye, weeping and rejoicing, and, of course, sing. Get ready to empathize with the heroes of the 26, 27 and 28 January.

25, ср

Bohemian evening for educational purposes - is not it tempting. Achinsk Drama Theater transformed today into a legendary literary and artistic cabaret "Stray Dog" - St. Petersburg center of cultural life of the Silver Age. In the play "Under the caress plush plaid" which director Dmitry Nuyanzin set within the "Theatre + Education" project will feature poems by Alexander Blok, Gumilev, Vladimir Mayakovsky and other poets, which today would be called a "cult." The first show, "one of the possible meeting of the club" Stray Dog "" - on 25 January.

24, вт

“High relations” begins in the Krasnoyarsk Drama Theater. Pushkin — the main director Oleg Rybkin started rehearsals of the play, which is probably all know by heart, but still go to watch the show. “Pokrovsky Gates” by Leonid Zorin we all love a great love and light, largely due to the film by Mikhail Kozakov (beautiful frame from which — in the photo). Will Oleg Rybkin to surprise the viewer or remain adherent lyrical beginning, it will be announced in March.

20, пт

Traditional January tour “Kolyada-Theatre” in Moscow is about to be over the middle — until the 31st of Yekaterinburg every day playing “Na Strastnom”. As always halls are full, the audience satisfied. Already behind these business cards theater as “Hamlet” and “Masquerade”, but ahead of “Boris Godunov” and “Richard III of” and the premiere of last year, “Queen of Spades” Muscovites can see twice.

By the way, Nikolai Kolyada conceived a new project — to open in Moscow Theater “School of Drama Ural” (shower). The command for this has already been collected, but the negotiations are still underway site. We are looking forward and good luck!

17, вт

Philosophical buffoonery not suspect that she posed for the children, but so it is — in the Krasnoyarsk Youth Theatre today finally — after deferred December premieres are “Green Bird” by Carlo Gozzi. However, the category of the play though and is listed as “child”, the age limit is 12+, so are invited to view, especially teenagers. Here traditional Tartaglia, Brighella, Truffaldino, Smeraldina, Pantalone. And the Italian temperament, love, humor, and hooliganism. Disclose whether the twins Renzo and Barbarina secret of his birth, viewers will learn today — on 17 January.

December, 2016

30, пт

"Snow Queen" or "Frost" know everything, but do you know that's a fairy tale "Hot ice"? Thank Northern Drama Theatre named Ulyanov, because thanks to him, we can recall the book Estonian writer Iko Maran. The boy is a hero Siim amazing stories - along with the toys come to life, he made a trip to the Land of fantasy and the City of forgotten things. What happens there with them, the audience will see today - 30 December.

27, вт

So far, tirelessly playing Christmas and just a fairy tale, Omsk Drama Theatre has decided to please an adult audience. Today is the premiere comedy by Alexander Ostrovsky’s “True — good, but happiness is better”, also known as “Liquid apples.” Staged a well-known and skillfully working with director Roman classics Samghin. 27 and 28 December and 2 January — the first impressions of the new formulation.

23, пт

Russian Drama Theatre. Lermontov celebrated his neyubileyny, but also beautiful birthday — 88th. On this day, an exchange of gifts. So, in the morning it was announced that the creators of the play “Frontovichka” was awarded the State Prize of the Republic of Buryatia in the field of literature and art. In the evening, a surprise awaited the audience — “Night at the Theatre”: Quest was performed for 4.5 hours, during which the shop opened some staging secrets fitters staged his own show, and artistic director Sergei Levitsky made innkeeper and treated all cocktails. Who missed — he is guilty, this will not happen again!

18, вс

It’s hard to be patient, even harder to be a relative of an imaginary patient. It was almost 350 years ago, wrote a “hefty squirt” Moliere, get it from the very definition of these Aesculapius perturbed by his comedy. Today, “The Imaginary Invalid” — the stage of the Omsk “Fifth theater”. Staged George Tsnobiladze, confessed that he had long ago said, “Moliere — your author!” At the exit — a sharp comedy with an orchestra and tricks: Premiere — December 18, and 30 and 31 th of viewers will have to wait, not only performance, but also an interlude with champagne.

17, сб

Sitcom delight its viewers Komsomolsk-on-Amur Drama Theatre in the New Year days. “Lunch is for sinners” Edward Taylor brings to the absurd and without non-standard situation — one of the big bosses have a fad: it immediately dismiss subordinates, not officially married. What to do in this case a young businessman, whose beloved wife refuses to portray the fun? Unscrews have still two days — first-run productions Saranchina Alexander held 17th and 18th of December.

15, чт

Do not run out people’s love of folk comedy. Therefore, you can confidently say that the prime minister in Irbit Drama Theatre is being said, the cashier — “Pribaikalskaya quadrille” Vladimir Gurkin popular in dozens of cities in the country, and now — the new version from director Levan dopa. Today, the theater final completion, and 16 and 17 December — first run.

14, ср

Modern anti-utopia — can these two words stand next? Probably yes, if it comes, for example, about the play “Galatea Sobakina” Irina Vaskovskaya. Love, compassion and tolerance have become a false sense of, and wandering around the Enlightenment, and forcibly introducing Pasternak Joyce in untrained minds. Center of modern drama and director Anton Butakov made this trash-comedy — Today the second and final show in December.

10, сб

“Newformatny author’s project” actors of Young Spectators Theater Tomsk called “Breathe Free” continues. “Part I. Adaptation” and "Part II. Art-vaccination “has already spent on the spaces of the theater audience and introduced to the sketches by Akutagawa and Chekhov, and Gumenny Strizhak. And now the actors Spectators Olga Reich, Dmitry and Vladimir Gomzyakov Butakov offer adaptation works of Giovanni Boccaccio, Ivan Vyrypaeva and Alexander Molchanov. All starts today, December 10, at 19.00 — Tomichi already sold out all the tickets, they will “Part III. Insomnia”.

9, пт

For the third time on the stage of Serov Drama Theater. Chekhov grow “The Cherry Orchard” — interesting, that 37 years ago, staged by Vladimir Nezluchenko, and today the prime minister of his son — Peter Nezluchenko. No less interesting is the fact that the role of Ranevskaya invited local poet Alevtina Neverov — and the scene appears and several actors-beginners. Again, sounds live orchestra. 9, 10 and 11 December — first-run comedy in the new reading.

9, пт

Christmas comes to Shadrinsk bit earlier than all — today the audience Drama Theatre plunge into the premier, “The Night Before Christmas.” Gogol’s characters come to life on stage Shadrinsk — Vakula and Oksana, Chub and Solokha, Hell and Queen Catherine zakruzhat heads witnesses and their wonderful fairy tale. 9 and 11 December — Christmas adventure begins!