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March, 2017

12, вс

Theater "Yellow Window" presents the premiere of the season - the plastic play "Tree". The theme of nature and man is getting sharper and sharper - and once again touched in this performance. A person can live in the rhythms of nature without breaking them, but can interfere, and, having risen above nature, turn into a real monster. It is not superfluous to think about this not only on March 12 and 26, when the shows will be shown.

1, ср

The popular project “Theatre in the school board ’took place in several cities in Russia, and this year is realized in Prokopyevsk Drama Theatre on the basis of the series” Tales of Belkin “Alexander Pushkin. Five performances by young directors during the year — this is the plan of the theater. A start is taken now — on 1 March. “Station Master” on the small stage set third-year student of the Novosibirsk Theatre Institute Pauline Lapaeva, a student of Alexei brained. Next show will be on display not only in the hospital, and to travel to schools and educational institutions Prokopyevsk.

February, 2017

22, ср

Kamensk-Ural "Drama Number Three" is now known not only in Russia - Polish writer Jacek Matetsky, who has lived in the Urals for about two months, wrote a whole book about the theater. Author acquainted in detail with the theater, attended not only performances, but also rehearsals - eventually became a 288-page note of the traveler. The book has already sent to the press in Poland and is being negotiated, and the transfer of it into Russian.

17, пт

On the small stage of the Novosibirsk youth theater “Globus” — the story of dreams and missed opportunities. “Sweet Bird of Youth” by Tennessee Williams staged here German director Andreas Merz-Raykov, and who, besides him, is better able to say about the show? “There laid the elements of thriller, melodrama, tragedy. All these genres as the color shades; and we try to make of them the correct palette. Some scenes will be calm, like a movie; some — very loud, outdoor theater, like the French comedy; They will sing a song — that is, we combine different approaches, different aesthetics. ”

And even more in the premiere, which will be held February 17 and 18, can be found in a specially prepared “Globus” longride.

15, ср

The original version of “Stationmaster” in one of the “Tales of Belkin” Alexander Pushkin are today in the Buryat Academic Drama Theatre. Namsaraeva. Directed Soyzhin Zhambalova put imagination on the subject, while retaining the spirit of the work, but modifying some details. For example, hussar-seducer in the play became a pilot of the plane, carrying the girl in sky-high given. February 15 — one of the premiere of “Ranger”. No Good luck, Buryad theater!

14, вт

What can be played on the stage in the Valentine’s Day? Of course, the “Wedding” — that and do today in Omsk Youth Theatre. In the original sounded like “Chic wedding” Robin Hawdon play begins with the fact that after the rapid bachelor groom wakes up in a hotel room not once, but in the company of an unknown woman. As usual, at any moment to appear and groom need to quickly solve delicate situation. So if the wedding will take place? Spectators who came to the premiere, the first to find out about it, and yet they will be waiting for a romantic interlude in the lobby of the theater.

10, пт

Today, "The Government Inspector" and gets to Khabarovsk Drama Theatre - where viewers staging of Robert Manukyan waiting a few surprises. The director revealed that the action will start in the bath, and that's what will end - must remain a secret until the premiere. Silent Gogol scene continues, but it is not over. The image of the inspector is also an unexpected promise, but instead will be the maid servant Bears Avdotya, which would entail a new storyline. In general, even those who think they know, "Inspector General" by heart, is to be surprised.

3, пт

Earlier sporadic Ozersk theater “Our House” performance “Yule Cat”, now found permanent residence here. And that is true — a family show, exciting, pleasant heart and mind. The author of the project idea — actress Alla Zorina. In her performance, and the audience will hear Scandinavian and Chukchi, Nenets and Sami stories that will sound accompanied by a “Dropps” folk-ended Working Group. And Yule Cat had prepared for his friends mascots. All the fun you can get 3, 4 and 11 February.

1, ср

We honestly waited for another premiere of the new play of the Youth Art Theater, but it has not yet announced, but keep the news to themselves — is no longer possible! A week ago, the director Anatoli Baskakov presented herein as “executioners” — the latest at the moment the play iconic Anglo-Irishman Martin McDonagh, has called “the blackest comedy genre.” In 1965 in the United Kingdom abolished the death penalty, but does that stop the former executioner — the owner of the pub, Harry? As previous work influenced his mind and soul? “Performance-cold shower” — so the audience responded to the first show of “Executioner”. Ulan-Ude, watch the poster and go to the theater!

January, 2017

29, вс

The performance in real-time — now on the stage of the Amur Drama Theatre is one of the premiere of “Leaning Tower” Hope Ptushkina. Two hours flight delay announced in Rome — and what to spend this time a married couple? Unfortunately, at the showdown. Or fortunately? Is this Leaning Tower will fall — or be destroyed to continue the family?

26, чт

Everyone who was in the 90s in conscious age, remember the television project "Old songs about the main thing." The whole country nostalgia and sang famous artists. And now you can sing in the auditorium of the Kurgan Drama Theatre - here Irina Zubzhitskaya and Egor Grishin staged concert with a familiar name: "Old songs about the main thing." All the action takes place at the station of a provincial town - people meet and say goodbye, weeping and rejoicing, and, of course, sing. Get ready to empathize with the heroes of the 26, 27 and 28 January.

25, ср

Bohemian evening for educational purposes - is not it tempting. Achinsk Drama Theater transformed today into a legendary literary and artistic cabaret "Stray Dog" - St. Petersburg center of cultural life of the Silver Age. In the play "Under the caress plush plaid" which director Dmitry Nuyanzin set within the "Theatre + Education" project will feature poems by Alexander Blok, Gumilev, Vladimir Mayakovsky and other poets, which today would be called a "cult." The first show, "one of the possible meeting of the club" Stray Dog "" - on 25 January.

24, вт

“High relations” begins in the Krasnoyarsk Drama Theater. Pushkin — the main director Oleg Rybkin started rehearsals of the play, which is probably all know by heart, but still go to watch the show. “Pokrovsky Gates” by Leonid Zorin we all love a great love and light, largely due to the film by Mikhail Kozakov (beautiful frame from which — in the photo). Will Oleg Rybkin to surprise the viewer or remain adherent lyrical beginning, it will be announced in March.

20, пт

Traditional January tour “Kolyada-Theatre” in Moscow is about to be over the middle — until the 31st of Yekaterinburg every day playing “Na Strastnom”. As always halls are full, the audience satisfied. Already behind these business cards theater as “Hamlet” and “Masquerade”, but ahead of “Boris Godunov” and “Richard III of” and the premiere of last year, “Queen of Spades” Muscovites can see twice.

By the way, Nikolai Kolyada conceived a new project — to open in Moscow Theater “School of Drama Ural” (shower). The command for this has already been collected, but the negotiations are still underway site. We are looking forward and good luck!

17, вт

Philosophical buffoonery not suspect that she posed for the children, but so it is — in the Krasnoyarsk Youth Theatre today finally — after deferred December premieres are “Green Bird” by Carlo Gozzi. However, the category of the play though and is listed as “child”, the age limit is 12+, so are invited to view, especially teenagers. Here traditional Tartaglia, Brighella, Truffaldino, Smeraldina, Pantalone. And the Italian temperament, love, humor, and hooliganism. Disclose whether the twins Renzo and Barbarina secret of his birth, viewers will learn today — on 17 January.