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October, 2018

6, сб

Speaking about the successful scenic fate of the Soviet dramatic art, often cite the play by Valentin Katayev “Squaring the circle” as an example. Put for the first time in 1928 in Moscow Art Theatre, in 90 years she has won a set of the different cities and even countries.

Premiere according to this play the 99th has opened, pre-anniversary, a season of the Zlatoust state drama theater “Omnibus”. The four of young heroes 6, 14, on October 20 at 18:00 will be able to understand geometry of the relations.

And we congratulate the chief director of theater Boris Gorbachevsky not only on new statement, but also on an award at the Scene-2018 festival in the “For the Worthy Embodiment of the Russian Classics on the Modern Stage” nomination!

4, чт

A series of readings on the small stage of regional drama theater will be continued by the new work of Ivan Krylov prepared together with students of the Kemerovo institute of culture within the In Space of Words project.

This time the audience will hear the play by one of the most famous modern playwrights of Mikhail Durnenkov. “War yet hasn’t begun” — a peculiar kollazhny portrait of today’s Russia: on an author’s plan only three actors have to present eight stories which aren’t connected among themselves.

Passing from a plot into a plot and considering different sides of life, heroes the First, Second and Third will report coordinates of our reality — on October 4 at 19:00

1, пн

The III All-Russian youth theater festival which was taking place in Barnaul of Valery Zolotukhin has come to the end: 12 performances have been presented in the competitive program and almost everyone has been noted by jury in this or that nomination.

The performance “Our Class” of the Nyagan Theatre for Young Audience has taken two important awards at once: the actor’s ensemble and the director Alexander Bargman are recognized as the best. Also on two prizes at Novosibirsk “The old house pro Golovlev”, the Kemerovo theater for children and youth with the performance “ELECTRE/ELECTRA” and hosts of a festival — Molozhyozhny theater of Altai of V.S. Zolotukhin for statement of “Karyera&fortuna” on “Ordinary history” of Ivan Goncharov.

The Complete list of winners, each of which we congratulate on pleasure, look for on the page of a festival.

September, 2018

30, вс

The Novosibirsk theater studio “Struna” in own way will read today Anton Pavlovich Chekhov’s “Sweetheart”. Instsenirovshchik and the director Svetlana Kremarenko promises a little unexpected view of the classical work — “have frenchified” history, have defined a genre as kafeshantanny action, and have added an article to the name. The premiere “La the Sweetheart” can be seen on the stage of Primorsky recreation Center today.

29, сб

The Kansk drama theater opens the 112th season not one premiere, and at once three — for all age. — literally of 0 years — together with parents wait for the least audience in the morning on the fairy tale “Birthday of a Cat of Leopold”. Right after the premiere for those who are more senior — of 6 years will be held: a story about friendship of a stray smiling dog and the 10-year-old lonely girl Naomi “Thanks Wynn-Dixie”, has put the composed Kate DiCamillo and translated by Olga Varshaver Alexander Barkar.

And in the evening — welcome to a premiere “Golovlev. Terrifying story”. The playwright Polina Babushkina worked on a performance of the novel of Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin, and Artem Galushin has put the mystical drama. In a performance the plot of the novel is bound with Saltykov-Shchedrin’s memories of the childhood — the legend in which there is a place to both a gloom, and magic from this is born.

29, сб

Narine Abgaryan writes surprisingly warm and amusing children’s stories — in 2013 “Semyon Andreich. The chronicle in a scribble” has been recognized by the best children’s book of the last decade. And today she has received the embodiment on the Small stage of the Tomsk Theatre for Young Audience. “Life and adventures of the five-year-old personality” — and such is a genre of the performance “The Chronicle in a Scribble” is an attempt to tell about present children in their language. The chronicle is kept by Semyon Andreich — and in the diary he not only writes down, but also sketches thoughts and imaginations. And for animation in a performance the drawings were created by the daughter of the director Ekaterina Maximova — Nastya. With a wonderful premiere you, residents of Tomsk!

28, пт

The southern town, Invalidnaya Street — here live people who have from each other no secrets. They laugh loudly, row, celebrate, work. The main thing for them — not to fall into despair because the despair for Jews — is inadmissible. The tragicomedy “Ballad of Invalidnaya Street” according to the play by Nathan Rozner in Bratsk drama theater was put by Valentin Zverovshchikov, and the premiere will be held already today — on September 28.

28, пт

The name of Lisistrata is forever connected to love revolution and successful attempt by easy blackmail to stop war. The story invented by Aristophanes about 411 B.C. in the XXI century acquires new notes and appears in repertoires of theaters even more often. Today at the Chelyabinsk drama theater of Orlov — a premiere of imagination of Vadim Zhuk on the comedy by Aristophanes “we Play Lisistratu”. Bright and musical history will be provided by the director Alexander Zykov who a little changed the original final. The first audience who got on blog-show calls setting impudent, frank and intriguing. Residents of Chelyabinsk can be convinced of it on September 28 and 29.

27, чт

Don’t notice unfaithfulness. Don’t say that you feel. Don’t listen to insults. You are a wife of the genius and your business — not to disturb.

These words precede the announcement of a premiere of the Novosibirsk academic youth theater “Globus” which threatens to become one of the most important events of a season. “The Russian novel” Marius Ivashkyavichyus was put by Marat Gatsalov who in cooperation with Globus already became a winner “the Golden Mask pro Augustus: county Oseydzh”. Gatsalov continues to investigate a subject of the family relations, but this time — the relations with the genius. As the genius — Leo Tolstoy, however the leading role in the play and a performance belongs to his wife — to Sofya who should understand the one who is more important for the husband: she or the characters invented by him.

Residents of Novosibirsk, will be enough to deliberate — buy up not numerous remained tickets for September 27 and 28 quicker!

26, ср

Yard of the oligarch Halzan Malanovich: lawn, fountain, antique columns. Camera, motor! Directly on the stage Buryaad of theater several videos for the young daughter farmer Altana will be shot directly. The father’s dream — that the daughter made a speech at the popular competition “Eurovision”, and he employs for this purpose a command of pseudo-professionals.

All this is a plot and surroundings of a new performance which will open the 87th season Buryaad of theater today: “Altanastar” it is delivered according to the play by the Bashkir playwright Florida by Bulyakov by the Bashkir director Ilsur Kazakbayev. The farce, witty dialogs, comic situations, rhythms of hip-hop and R&B, up-to-date arrangements of national Buryat songs — the viewer waits for a kitsch in the best possible way! However the principal idea of setting, according to the director, — to show how it is ridiculous to pursue global trends when is near, native

25, вт

Festival week proceeds — and today a holiday in Barnaul.

On September 25 the III All-Russian youth theater festival of Valery Zolotukhin opens — the maximum quantity of events will pass traditionally on the platform of organizers, in Youth theater of Altai.

From 16:00 till 18:00 there will be a representation on squares in front of theater — here the audience is waited by dancing buttles, the street arts, tricks on scooters.

And will officially open the Vassa festival of the Novosibirsk city drama theater under the leadership Sergey Afanasyev.

Till September 30 Barnaul citizens will have an opportunity to see 13 more performances from the different cities of Russia.

24, пн

Today in the Cheremkhovo drama theater of Vladimir Gurkin the III Interregional festival “Theatrical Province” opens — owners present to the prime minister “San, Wan, with them Rimas”, and already from tomorrow the scene is taken up by guests. This year the Prokopyevsk drama theater, the Rubtsovsk drama theater, the Magadan regional puppet theater, the Tomsk drama theater, the Amur drama theater participate in a festival. Also the results of director’s and actor’s laboratory will be summed up and the performance “Love and Pigeons 30 Years Later” is shown. And in the evenings informal communication — skits, discussions, discussions is planned. The festival will come to the end on September 29.

22, сб

21, пт

Having lost one tyrant, people with pleasure go under the power of another. Evgeny Schwartz dreadfully has convincingly shown it in the play fairy tale “Dragon” which is again surely included into repertoires of theaters today.

The Irkutsk drama theater plays two evenings a premiere that to kill one dragon — a little, it is necessary to kill a dragon in everyone, and it is laborious work.

The serious fairy tale “Dragon” was put by Evgeny Solonkin, and it is possible to see it on September 21 and 22, and after that — on October 2 and 7.

20, чт

The most, perhaps, popular play from the well-known trilogy by Alexander Sukhovo-Kobylin is put in Novokuznetsk drama theater by Boris Gurevich. “Krechinsky’s wedding”, according to the director, will be “more, than the comedy”: the detective intrigue, dramatic nature and humour are weaved into hard knot from which passion history is born. The classical text of the 19th century will be embodied on the stage of theater as the bright musical comedy — a premiere already today, on September 20.