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September, 2017

28, чт

The play by Valentin Krasnogorov “The Dog” successfully goes both on the stages of New York, and, say, in Cheremkhovo. And today the performance on this material will be replenished with the repertoire of the Irbit Drama Theater. A dog as an actor in the play is, but the name is not only about it. Spectators are expected to premiere on September 28 on the Small Stage.

15, пт

“It will be life-affirming, lyrical, sarcastic, ironic, poetic, musical and spiritualizing!” — The Krasnoyarsk Drama Theater presents today the premiere of “Ya. OTHER. SUCH. COUNTRIES”. Drama concert in two offices on the texts of Dmitry Aleksandrovich Prigov was directed by Dmitry Egorov. In the program of the concert, the director and the theater promise: the People’s Theater of revolutionary Petrograd, an exclusive performance by the soloists of the Bolshoi and Maly Musical Theaters, the appearance of the twice redknight choir them. Anastas Mikoyan, a theatrical lecture “Pushkin is Russia” and several other events that certainly deserve the attention of viewers.

On September 15 and 16 — the premiere shows: take your sense of humor with you!

14, чт

Neskuchnye literature lessons are held in Barnaul Youth Theater of Altai — the new chief director Denis Malyutin decided to arrange “disassembly with the author.” The new project implies actor’s readings of works by Russian classics, followed by a joint analysis with the audience of these works. Today, for example, Anton Chekhov “dismantles”, and in November this fate awaits Nikolai Gogol.

By the way, tomorrow the AIT will host the Novosibirsk Academic Theater “Red Torch” on the stage — Sergei Chekhov’s production “Tectonics of the senses” will be shown for the first time on the tour 15 and 16 September.

12, вт

The laboratory of modern direction, from whose sketches the full-scale performances are already growing, continues in the Omsk "The Fifth Theater". The first premiere of the new season was the social comedy "Prostitutes - No Fire" after Valery Shergin's play directed by Ayrat Abushakhmanov. The heroines of the performance are women clamped and, on the contrary, too liberated, residents of sleeping areas who are looking for happiness, not disdaining any ways. And if the author of the play is ruthless towards the heroines, then the director looks at them from another point of view.

Premier shows - 12, 19, September 29.

11, пн

Professional theaters, theatrical studios, theater projects, universities, colleges, faculties! All-Russian festival-competition of chamber performances and solo performances "One. Two. Three "announces the receipt of applications for participation.The festival itself will be held in Novosibirsk from February 7 to 19, 2018, bringing together performances in which no more than three actors are employed. Applications will be accepted until October 31. All the details are here.

8, пт
Ekaterinburg and all-all-all

Today, again, Oleg Loevsky will flash his chrome boots and his offspring - the All-Russian Festival "Real Theater" - will be open! During 8 days of XIV "The Real Theater" 22 performances of 18 theaters and creative associations from Ekaterinburg, Omsk, Novosibirsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yaroslavl, Kazan, Novokuibyshevsk, Minusinsk, Serov, Kirov, Tallinn (Estonia) will be presented. As always, the program includes performances of different genres both in classical and modern drama. For example, Vasily Sigarev's "Karenin" is here for two - from Alexei Pesegov and the Tallinn Theater R.A.A.A.M. and from Egor Chernyshov and the Kirov Theater on Spassky. In general, who else is not in Yekaterinburg - quit business and go for impressions!

7, чт

Kemerovo Theater for Children and Youth this season launches a new project — «Theater of Another Space.» Going beyond the traditional scenic box, Kemerovo residents are filled with new meanings of space in which the theater is difficult to immediately present — a shopping center, an airport, a bank, a railway station. The first performance played on an unconventional stage will be Ivan Vyrypaev’s «Drunken» directed by Irina Latynnikova — heroes experience one night’s own discovery and talk about the main thing.

The shows will be held on September 7 and 9 in the café-bar «Mayak».

6, ср

The annual All-Russian youth theatrical forum festival “ARTMIGRATsIYa” continues in Moscow — and this year several theaters of the Urals and Siberia participate in it at once. Already the Kansk drama theater showed the “Patsansky stories”, today the Ekaterinburg Yeltsin Center represents “War which wasn’t” according to Polina Zherebtsova’s diaries, tomorrow — the Buryat drama theater of Namsarayev will play “Flight. Bilchirsky history” based on the story by Valentin Rasputin “Farewell to Matyora”.

And will close a forum on September 10 the Kemerovo regional drama theater statement according to the play by Martin Makdonakh “The cripple from the island of Inishmaan”.

Successful displays!

5, вт

The land of rumors, of course, is full, but we waited for an official announcement — and we share good news with you. Novosibirsk theater “Old House” found the main director — happiness came in the person of Andrey Prikotenko, whose “Cherry Orchard” was a hit last season. We congratulate the theater and wish you fruitful work and successful premieres!

4, пн

Some theaters have already not only opened the season, but also presented the first premiere. For example, the Tomsk Theater of the doll and actor Skomorokh, in the continuation of the project “Grandmother’s Tales”, staged “Fedorino Mountain” by Korney Chukovsky. It turned out a sort of a tale-polyphony, because with the spectators three grandmothers-storytellers talk at once, each of which has its own mood, character and even its own version of the traditional plot. The premiere took place in a special hall — the so-called “Pillow Theater”, and now you can see the new fairy tale on September 17th.

2, сб

In the coming weekend in Novosibirsk will be held immediately two unusual theatrical events. First, on September 2 and 3, the Laboratory “Inclusion will work at the Globus Youth Theater. School. Novosibirsk “- within the laboratory will be opened, including the branch of the regional network of schools of inclusive theatrical education” Inclusion “for people with different abilities. Students and teachers in these two days will be able to test their strength — here will be the first classes in acting, stage speech, plastic and rhythmic.

And secondly, in the street of Lenin, which will still be pedestrian, there will be a festival of street artists “Hat”, which will bring together free and talented actors, musicians, mimes, magicians and other fine people. Who will be in Novosibirsk, come and you!

June, 2017

6, вт

In the Omsk drama lyceum theater today, the premiere — a student of the graduate course of the Theater Institute. Shchukina Victoria Kaminskaya presents the tragic warder “Orchestra” based on Jean Anouil’s play. At first glance, the viewer — the history of women, destinies, among which there is no happy. But behind them is the history of all mankind: here is love and jealousy, youth and old age, health and disease, peace and war, life and death. According to the director, there will be a lot of eclecticism in the play, which is supported by a musical series as well — classical, tango, Hollywood jazz and Balkan motifs will be performed.

“Victoria offered a very interesting solution to the concert numbers, in which there really will not be any musical instruments, but there will be something different,” the artistic director of the theater Sergey Timofeev shares. Premier show — today, June 6.

May, 2017

30, вт
Nizhny Tagil

The end of May — and theaters gradually begin to close the seasons. The Nizhny Tagil Drama Theater completed the 71st season with the premiere performance — the audience saw Grigory Gorin’s “Memorial Prayer”. The results were also summed up: 222 plays, 4 premieres, Tagil-Moscow project “We, the undersigned” and other events, which make it possible to say that the creative year was a success. On vacation, however, while no one is leaving — the preparations for the next season are already beginning, which starts in September.

25, чт

The annual Festival of theaters of small cities of Russia this time will be held in Tobolsk and will open today with a guest performance "The Nameless Star" of the Theater under the leadership of Oleg Tabakov. From May 25 to June 1, more than 15 performances of theaters from Novokuznetsk, Minusinsk, Novorossiysk, Sarapul, Nizhnevartovsk, Naberezhnye Chelny, Togliatti, Yelets, Novokuybyshevsk, Almetyevsk, Sarov, Kansk, Lysvy, Lesosibirsk and, in fact, Tobolsk, will be shown. Extensive geography, a rich program in which, in addition to a competitive poster, is planned and the educational part, a special documentary film program ... "I have no doubt that the XV Festival of theaters of small cities of Russia will be held with great success, and we sincerely wish good luck to all the participating theaters" Said the artistic director of the Festival Yevgeny Mironov.

And we are pleased to join his wish!

21, вс

“Scarlet Sails” by Alexander Greene and today remain for many the most romantic work in the world. How does this flair fit with the style of the director, who was nicknamed the “Yakut Tarantino”? Not bad at all! Sergei Potapov for a week put in the Sakha Academic Theater. Oyunsky performance “Assol” on the staging of Pavel Morozov. "According to the book, the heroine is somewhat eccentric, and I tried to add to her even more of this eccentricity. And Gray, too, I made eccentric. It seems to me that if two such ridiculous people do not meet, then they can perish, "the director tells about his idea. A miracle, a fairy tale, a light in Sergey Potapov’s performance have been preserved, simply without excess gloss. And all this to the music of Philip Glass and the folk Irish music, on which the Yakut songs lie! We would have looked, and the viewers of Yakutsk certainly will not miss the premiere show on May 21.