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October, 2018

24, ср

The Omsk "Fifth theater" continues the Young People — to Young People project begun in the spring of 2018. This laboratory is interesting that it represents a sharp author's look of directors on works of the world literature. Residents of Omsk could already see the sketch of "Danger" to Anton Malikov, scenic composition based on about 30 works from Dmitry Volkostrelov, and Nadia Kubaylat's "Duel" was included into the main repertoire of theater. What fate will comprehend "Dark avenues" according to stories by Ivan Bunin which are presented today by the director Ilya Rotenberg (on a photo), to solve, including, and to the audience — upon termination of sketches the discussion is traditionally held.

21, вс

Having for a while left, we come back to the Khabarovsk Theatre for Young Audience representing one more premiere for three days. It wasn’t necessary to acquaint actors with the St. Petersburg director Boris Pavlovich — here he is known for the work “Anna Karenina” in Klim’s text long ago. This time as literary material the director has chosen “Biographies of troubadours”: works of medieval singers of love and also their biographies have formed the basis of the performance of the same name.

What could save the person in the most dark and bloody times? What is capable to resist to the most terrible evil? Now the answer is obvious to us — of course, magic power of love. But such high relation to great feeling existed not always. To learn who has for the first time praised him to high heaven, and also residents of Khabarovsk will be able to hear tunes in Occitan today at 18:00.

19, пт

Trying to retell a plot of the play of the famous modern playwright Yaroslava Pulinovich “Elza’s Earth”, there is a wish to be limited to only one Pushkin line “Love all age are obedient”. Well or to hear a magic voice of Leonid Utesov: “The love will unintentionally appear suddenly when you do not wait for it at all”.

Having been born in family of the Russian Germans, Elza has much been through a lot because of the origin, endured the reference and orphanage. Feminine destiny was not set too — long and painful marriage did not make it happy. Who could think that all these adversities conducted the heroine to the only important meeting — and it is unimportant that it took place not in youth.

Premier performance directed by Pyotr Nezluchenko the Shadrinsk drama theater — on October 19 and 20 at 18:00 opens the 122nd season.

18, чт

Only yesterday we told about a performance of the Khabarovsk Theatre for Young Audience in which name the name Maria sending to one of the main bible female images appears. On surprising coincidence, on other end of the country the Kamensk-Uralsky theater “Drama Number Three” opened a season a premiere “Masha, Maria” — become, to all other, a scenic debut of the play of the playwright Alexey Ivanov. Uncomfortable feminine destiny is comprehended by the heroine in straight talk with very mysterious mister — the Archangel. Where it appeared: in a madhouse or it is valid in other world? Anyway, apparently, she should understand the life and to estimate it on Hamburg score.

Alexander Ivanov acted as the director of statement, on the stage he can be seen as that Archangel — on October 19 at 19:00

17, ср

The graphic novel by the artist Miguel Gayardo “Maria and I”, left in 2007, at once attracted attention in native Spain, later and in other countries, and in 2010 on it even the full-length documentary was shot. The unpretentious plot of the comic book develops around vacation of the twelve-year-old daughter Gayardo — the girl has autism and therefore usual, at first sight, things and events she perceives a little differently.

The director Ivan Kurkin in collaboration with the art director Anna Martynenko decided to transfer Maria’s history to space of theater.

Acquaintance to adventures, reflections, difficulties and Maria’s pleasures at each comer on a performance develops in own way: ten viewers on one investigate ten locations in which to them the events are offered not only to observe, but also to perform different tasks. Thus, everyone is given an opportunity to experience uniqueness — the both any person — and the value of separate life.

Premier displays in the Khabarovsk Theatre for Young Audience on October 17, 18, 19, 20, 21.


14, вс

They say, couple of days ago in Serov the new supermarket "Roman Empire" opened! However only heroes of a performance of Vladimir Zolotar of Kaligul will be able to fill the carts with various products, alas. Yes, in the prime minister of drama theater of Chekhov not to find habitual stamps in the image of palace furniture, in attires and a way of life of patricians – however, the author of the play Albert Camus was against all "ancient Roman" in scenery.

The emperor Kaligula who long ago turned from the historic figure into the legendary hero is represented the bloody tyrant, the blighter of own people. But what if he is so unfortunate, lonely and it is even vulnerable, how cruel? And unless these states are not connected among themselves? The viewer will manage to reflect over it today, on October 14, at 18:00.

With a premiere!

12, пт

“Well here. Quietly here”. Heroes of the play of Danila Privalov “Fine it is far”, the different eras living at different times and found in the history of the country, appear where time does not exist at all.

However and outside “Freedom” as call mortal life here, they do not cease to reflect on the most important human subjects, to suffer unsolvable questions. Besides, it is necessary to deal also with essential cares: if you are an angel — if you please, learn to fly!

The performance about eternal “search of belief, hope and love” was put in the Minusinsk drama theater by the director Pyotr Zubarev. A premiere the 137th season — on October 12 and 13 at 18:30 will open.


11, чт

The tragedian Neschastlivtsev went from Kerch to Vologda, and the comedian Schastlivtsev — from Vologda to Kerch. But actors are fated to meet in Ozyorsk, on the stage of Our Home drama theater where tomorrow the premiere of the performance “Wood” will be held.

The play by Alexander Ostrovsky, as well as the most part of his dramaturgic heritage, and is successfully staticized today in all theatrical cities of the country and beyond its limits — the new version of a classical plot will be submitted by the director Lyudmila Ismaylova.

The heroes divided by an abyss in views, customs and the social statuses will face in the house of the landowner Gurmyzhskaya to understand: whether it is possible to be content with benefit, having lost honor and how to remain honest in a pursuit of benefit.

Premiere — on October 12 and 13 at 18:30

9, вт

The first large anniversary has noted the Chelyabinsk New Art theater yesterday. 25 years the theater steadily pleases the admirers with interesting, bright, clever performances and the warm atmosphere. For these years NHT has gained recognition both on Russian, and at the international festivals that allows to call it the true cultural property of the city.

The parade of the best performances dated for celebrations is opened by "Thunderstorm" directed by Evgeny of Gelfond – today at 18:30. And on October 28 at 16:00 the theater waits for the favourite audience for the anniversary evening finishing a festive marathon.

And we congratulate the management, troupe and all workers of NHT! Long and happy to you years! Let the inspiration always live on your remarkable stage!

9, вт

And we will a little more be late in nice Chelyabinsk to which the last days have brought several interesting events at once. Besides the celebrations of anniversary of NHT, in last output inhabitants and city visitors have visited a premiere of Chamber theater.

The Moscow director Larisa Alexandrova familiar to residents of Chelyabinsk the performances “Balaganchik”, “School for Fools”, “Bach and Applicants”, has presented to the audience the existential musical of “Generation ‘P’” according to the cult novel by Victor Pelevin this time — the statement genre already announces connection of elements of drama and musical theater. Through generation history, whose blossoming I have fallen on the 90th years, the director investigates a subject of the choice on which the private and general future sometimes depends.

The following premier display — on October 30 at 18:00

7, вс

The Novokuznetsk Drama Theatre continues to investigate creativity of the main mystic of domestic literature — Nikolay Vasilyevich of Gogol. In last season the repertoire has filled up the thriller “Nose” directed by Mikhail Lebedev. In it is the foreshortening was displaced on the cycle “Myrgorod”, and is concrete on the most terrible and the mysterious story in him.

The St. Petersburg director Nikolay Russky suggests the viewer to leave a habitual zone in hall space, having risen is much higher (that is literally — to sit down above), and to look at a fantastic horror “Viy”. It will be possible to plunge into an esthetics of the horror film created on the chamber stage today and on the following premier displays on October 9 and 10 at 18:30

6, сб

To attention of meeting! “The sofa of distant following” has arrived to the repertoire of drama theater “On the Left Coast”. Persons interested to spend unforgettable evening to the companies of the mistress behind the back of the wife, be careful — perhaps, plans, your with the spouse, will coincide!

The new performance in a genre “the excentric comedy with two changes” is put according to the play by the French comedy dramatist Mark Kamoletti, most popular in our country, “A pajamas on six”. The dynamic plot full of the intriguing turns and absurdly ridiculous situations, Anton Voynalovich — the actor of Red Torch theater loved by the audience has opened in the first director’s work.

We congratulate Anton on a debut and we wish to “Sofa” of the multiseasonal parking in Novosibirsk!

The following premier display — today, on October 6, at 18:00

6, сб

Speaking about the successful scenic fate of the Soviet dramatic art, often cite the play by Valentin Katayev “Squaring the circle” as an example. Put for the first time in 1928 in Moscow Art Theatre, in 90 years she has won a set of the different cities and even countries.

Premiere according to this play the 99th has opened, pre-anniversary, a season of the Zlatoust state drama theater “Omnibus”. The four of young heroes 6, 14, on October 20 at 18:00 will be able to understand geometry of the relations.

And we congratulate the chief director of theater Boris Gorbachevsky not only on new statement, but also on an award at the Scene-2018 festival in the “For the Worthy Embodiment of the Russian Classics on the Modern Stage” nomination!

4, чт

A series of readings on the small stage of regional drama theater will be continued by the new work of Ivan Krylov prepared together with students of the Kemerovo institute of culture within the In Space of Words project.

This time the audience will hear the play by one of the most famous modern playwrights of Mikhail Durnenkov. “War yet hasn’t begun” — a peculiar kollazhny portrait of today’s Russia: on an author’s plan only three actors have to present eight stories which aren’t connected among themselves.

Passing from a plot into a plot and considering different sides of life, heroes the First, Second and Third will report coordinates of our reality — on October 4 at 19:00

1, пн

The III All-Russian youth theater festival which was taking place in Barnaul of Valery Zolotukhin has come to the end: 12 performances have been presented in the competitive program and almost everyone has been noted by jury in this or that nomination.

The performance “Our Class” of the Nyagan Theatre for Young Audience has taken two important awards at once: the actor’s ensemble and the director Alexander Bargman are recognized as the best. Also on two prizes at Novosibirsk “The old house pro Golovlev”, the Kemerovo theater for children and youth with the performance “ELECTRE/ELECTRA” and hosts of a festival — Molozhyozhny theater of Altai of V.S. Zolotukhin for statement of “Karyera&fortuna” on “Ordinary history” of Ivan Goncharov.

The Complete list of winners, each of which we congratulate on pleasure, look for on the page of a festival.