In the end of a season “Kolyada Theatre” still will manage to please the audience with a premiere — Nikolay put own play “Nosferatu”. He put it on the actor Alexander Zamurayev who plays a title role — Amalia Lvovna Nosferatu. Amalia Lvovna wants to give to the director of the regional drama old things for performances: there is a teapot, here a napkin, here “The book which treats”. And gradually from these things the whole life of the little person is developed ...

“At Zamurayev a brilliant job is got. The performance goes an hour and a half. It does not leave a scene and works just wonders. On general I call nobody because called theater and reported that on June 28 from 9 in the morning to 17 o’clock in the evening will not be in our region of electricity, any repair. All of us will equally hold a run, with lamps — ‘frogs’, with the tape recorder on batteries, that music was, but all this not for public, and for itself, just that once again to stake out everything, to hammer with nails”, — Nikolay Kolyada writes in the social networks.

Well, and it will be possible to see a premiere tomorrow, on June 29, — after that in August.

28 June