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March, 2019

21, чт

To watch the events which are taking place in Buryaad Teatre, always incredibly interestingly. This year in theater addressed a subject of the Buryat heroic epos. And for the first statement the uliger (the national legend in a genre of the geroiko-historical epos) “nshen sagaan botogon”, or “Colt” was taken.

The director Soyzhin Zhambalova does not deny that the tragic story, but adds that it is very necessary to today. The colt who is torn off from mother appears one in the big and terrible world, but he is not afraid of barriers and moves off in searches of mother. The animals who are found on its way help it, and predators are more generous, than the person who constantly overtakes and offends a colt.

Soyzhin Zhambalova advises not too to pay attention to age limit 12, this story out of age: “In general, it would be good that after the performance parents communicated to children among themselves on love, death, compassion, the help...”

The performance “Colt” will go in two options — in the Russian and Buryat languages.

12, вт
Serov - Nizhny Tagil

Unexpected news for many was published in media of Nizhny Tagil and Serov yesterday. Natalia Mozzhakova directing the Serov drama theater for 10 years from now on will head municipal Youth theater of Nizhny Tagil.

The new director is considered as the anti-recessionary manager — last year the posts in Youth theater because of personal disagreements left the director, the artistic director and the director, a part of actors also did not begin to prolong employment contracts, and the building of the theater was closed on repair.

So Natalia Mozzhakova after taking office should appoint on March 25 the chief director and to bring together new troupe of the Nizhny Tagil theater. Who will head the Serov drama theater which is so successfully developing in recent years while it is unknown — the decision is not made yet.

5, вт

The popularity of the play of Alexander Vampilov “Eldest son” reached peak in the 1970th years, but does not cease and today.

In the Magnitogorsk Pushkin Drama Theatre this tragicomedy was chosen for a director’s debut by the actor Andrey Mayorov. It is interesting that he does not intend to surprise the viewer: “Artificially surprising the audience, we often lose traditional classical theater which it so missed. Re-reading this play, I opened in it a chasm of true philanthrophy. Also thought that in principle it about all of us. Much lack simple human heat.

And what can be more relevant, than a conversation on family values in a close circle?” The chamber platform of theater will become such close circle — in March five displays of a premier performance are planned at once.

February, 2019

28, чт

Do not lower a hand. Try. Risk.

For the first time on the Khakass stage heroes of the cult novel of Ken Kesey will appear. However, the director Sergey Kokov creates in the Khakass national drama theater of Topanov own version “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” — neoswing based on the original work. But the main idea remains invariable — freedom in all its manifestations.

“In a performance many our imaginations are introduced, — the director notes. — The viewer will not see habitual scenery of clinic, on the stage — the ordinary people with the stories who are in the certain ‘rehabilitation center’”.

27, ср

Official opening of the All-Russian theatrical marathon in Siberian Federal District will take place in Novosibirsk today.

The whole day in cultural city institutions there will take place various master classes, meetings, round tables with the leading artists, and in the evening on the stage Nowata the ballet Spartak (on a photo) directed by Yury Grigorovich will be shown.

Before the ballet the ceremony of transfer of a symbol of Year of theater which will be held by the people’s artist of Russia Nikolay Tsiskaridze will be held.

26, вт

The theatrical marathon — one of the central actions of Year of theater — these days walks across Siberia. Starting on January 18 in Vladivostok, today it reached Barnaul — it had to accept a symbol to the Altai regional drama theater.

On its stage within a marathon there will take place three-day tours of the Novosibirsk academic youth theater “Globus”.

They will open the performance “Days of Turbin” — it is possible to tell, the long-liver of theater, it goes in the repertoire since 2011. And here in the second day residents of the regional capital will be able to see the premiere of the current season — “Dance teacher”. “Kreytserova the sonata” (on a photo) directed by the chief director of theater Alexey Kriklivy with Lavrenti Sorokin as Pozdnyshev, got for this a job “Golden Mask” in 2015 will become a sonorous final chord.

Barnaul citizens, urgently buy up the remained tickets!

20, ср
XVII Festival of theaters of the small cities of Russia

Participants of the competitive program of the XVII Festival of theaters of the small cities of Russia are announced – the advisory council made the choice more than from 300 performances. Their number included also statements of theaters of the Urals, Siberia and the Far East: "Shades" of the Minusinsk drama theater, "Desire Tram of the Nizhny Tagil drama theater, Kaligula of the Serov drama theater of A.P. Chekhov, "Golovlev.

Terrifying story" Kansk drama theater, "Just like that" Lesosibirsk city drama theater "Poisk", "Giperborey. Putorana Plateau" Norilsk Polar drama theater of the Vl. of Mayakovsky.

For the first time will participate Mirninsky theater with the performance "Stone" in a festival and the Achinsk drama theater with "Shaitan lake". We congratulate all participants – you are waited by wonderful days!

The festival will take place from May 24 to May 30 in the city of Kamyshin of the Volgograd region.

January, 2019

31, чт

So, January with its New Year’s campaigns and exits, gradual from them, almost behind — and we come back!

From tomorrow we will be daily again in touch for now in a format of the digest we tell about the important events which took place this month.

  • The Norilsk Polar drama theater carried out already the seventh laboratory of modern dramatic art of Polyark, having chosen a subject “Reality: objective, subjective, virtual”. Following the results of Polyarka the repertoire of the Small stage of theater will be replenished with two performances: “Seryozha very stupid” Dmitry Danilov and “For the sake of you” Marina Osharina and Tatyana Osina.
  • In Novokuznetsk the laboratory was the sixth — this time it united works by Vladimir Nabokov and the site-specific format. Among “The forgotten poet”, “Luzhin’s Protection”, “The execution invitation” and Lolita the victory (according to the audience) was won by the last — the truth whether there will be it in the repertoire of theater, it is not clear so far.
  • The youngest laboratory passed in the Khabarovsk drama theater, and it was devoted to classics in interpretation of modern playwrights. Spectator vote did not define the unambiguous winner among “Alexey Karenin” of Vasily Sigarev, “New sufferings of young V.” of Ulrich Plenzdorf, “Brothers Karamazov” according to the novel by Fyodor Dostoyevsky and “The black monk” of Elina Petrova and Anastasia Fedorova. So the decision on further work — behind the art management of theater.

December, 2018

2, вс

The first big test expects young actors Chekhov center today. At the beginning of a season the artistic director of theater Alexander Ageev promised that the performance in which will occupy all newly arrived in troupe will put. And kept the promise. At the same time the actors who as a result offered “Eldest son” Alexander Vampilov were engaged in material selection.

The premiere will be held in the Black hall of theater, scenery on the stage — a minimum: “We exist in some convention. The main task and the artist, and washing as director not to cover actors with scenery, a requisite, the viewer has to see them, hear and experience”, — Alexander Ageev says.

November, 2018

27, вт

Clever, beautiful and strong, strong, strong — the heroine of the play of Yaroslava Pulinovich “Zhanna” became an embodiment of the woman who made herself. From the dashing nineties it jumped in, apparently, successful the 2000th, however here it is watched by unexpected weakness. And when she dares to become weak, she is waited by blow. Zhanna’s history — generation history, Zhanna’s history — history of the woman: in Novokuznetsk drama theater it was put by the director Yury Pechenezhsky, premier displays — on November 27 and 28.

20, вт

In Novosibirsk summed up the professional results of the past season — in the evening solemn delivery of the XXIX professional theatrical award “Paradise” took place on November 19. The new “Output Monday” theater in the city became the all-around champion on figurines unexpectedly — the performance “Bastards” according to the play by Maxim Gorky “At the bottom” received both the Grand Prix, and prizes for the best male roles (Lavrenti Sorokin for Luka and Anatoly Grigoriev for Vaska Pepl) and also won spectator vote. Absolutely near it by quantity of awards — the statement causing a storm of emotions in the audience: “Sociopath” of Old House theater.

The complete list of winners can be seen on the page of the award “Paradise”, and “The new-Siberian transit” congratulates all and wishes a new victorious season!

14, ср

Advisory council of the Russian National award in the field of theater for children “Harlequin” summed up the results of the work and announced the competitive program of a festival-2019 — eight performances became nominees. We congratulate theaters from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Tver, and very much we rejoice for Theatre of the Ob-Ugrian people — the Sun from Khanty-Mansiysk, puppet theater of Gulliver from Kurgan and also for the winner of the New-Siberian Transit festival — the performance “Father’s Trace” (on a photo) Northern drama theater of M.A. Ulyanov (Tara). Also as guests of a festival the advisory council invited actors Natalya Gitlits — the performer of a role Ann Sullivan in the performance “Created a Miracle” of the Seversk theater for children and youth, Evgeny Muzyka — the performer of a role Michael in the performance “Skellig” of the Kansk drama theater, the director of a performance “The book of the jungle. Ricky-Tikki-Tavi” Norilsk Polar drama theater of the Vl. of Mayakovsky of Timur Fayruzov and director, head of Youth studio theater “Dominanta” (Gubakha of Perm Krai) Lyubov Zaytseva.

The festival will take place in St. Petersburg from April 18 to April 26, 2019 for now it is possible to watch all news on the official site of an award.

10, сб

Years run, and the person so changes a little that the plays written more than hundred years ago sound today still sharply. The next surge in scenic popularity — at “Lucrative post” of Alexander Ostrovsky. The difficult choice which the young official Zhadov has to make is absolutely clear to the modern person. And in the next few days the audience of the Seversk theater for children and the youthes which have come to new statement of Alexander Zagorayev will be convinced of it. By the way, the “premier” audience will also be able to see an exhibition of sketches of the suits created to a performance by the artist Irina Smirnova and to participate in a comic competition for the right to take “lucrative post”.

10, сб

In spite of the fact that we grew on books by Alexander Volkov from the cycle “Wizard of the Emerald City”, all know that the Soviet writer as a basis has taken the fairy tale Laymena by Frank Baum “The wizard of the country of Oz”. And original history was taken by the director Irina Myakisheva for statement in the Irkutsk Theatre for Young Audience — here in the next two days to children will present not just the tale of good and honor, but a bright action musical. Music to a performance was created by Gleb Matveychuk and it isn’t similar to animation melodies familiar to us — the composer has added the drive, and on the stage fate and jazz will begin to sound. But, of course, the main thing has remained: this performance will tell the young audience, first of all, about how it is important to have kind heart and loyal friends.

6, вт

The summer was postponed to fall — traditionally July “Kolyada-plays” this year has opened in November, and from now on so to that and to be! The festival of modern Ural dramatic art takes place already for the twelfth time — within 10 days honor theaters from three tens cities of Russia and the abroad will represent the most interesting performances according to modern Russian plays. Certainly, in the program — statements according to plays by Nikolay Kolyada and his pupils, but not only. If you are ready to break at once to Yekaterinburg, completely it is possible to study the poster of a festival on the website “Christmas carol Theatre”.