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9 December  ·  Novosibirsk


For one evening in Novosibirsk, at once three wealthy gentlemen — which is remarkable, all foreigners — applied to the police with statements about the activities of the new criminal organization. Scammers were looking for a victim from among wealthy people and, spinning a scam on one of the many schemes, robbed the poor fellow before the thread. However, it is worth giving them their due — they did it easily, charmingly, inventing and changing the most incredible images, played before the victims the real ideas: with professional tricks, disguises, fervent dances, heartfelt songs.

The victims admitted embarrassed that they had received tremendous pleasure from what they saw and were even ready to repeat the dangerous experience.

Well, this opportunity will be presented to them on the stage of the Red Torch Theater more than once.

Director Konstantin Kolesnik invites spectators to look at the tricks of the crafty “Adventurers” at the premiere of the performance on December 9 and 10 at 6 pm

9 November  ·  Kemerovo

What is the apocalypse? Everyone has their own answer to this question. For the 16-year-old Sasha (who calls himself Moth) the collapse of the universe is the split of his “strong, loving family.” Unsettled, the suffering of the closest people lead to the fact that the Moth closes more and more from the society, finding a rescue in a strange friendship with the woman living in the underground passage — Lizanka. Director Anna Bychkova for the first time brings to theatrical stage the heroes of the play Anastasia Bukreeva “Gandhi was silent on Saturdays”. The process of forced growing up under the influence of difficult circumstances understands the performance through the mind of the adolescent. His understanding of the new, incomprehensible world Moth will entrust viewers of the Kemerovo Drama Theater on November 10 at 19.00. On Friday — until Gandhi was still silent.

26 October  ·  Nizhnevartovsk

Today, the Nizhnevartovsk Drama Theater celebrates its anniversary: ​​for the fifth time the International Theater Festival of small-form plays “Northern Meetings” will take place. This year the program promises multicolored and sparkling, like festive fireworks. Russian collectives will share the stage with long-awaited guests from abroad: Azerbaijan, the USA, Buryatia, Italy and Lithuania. The hospitable host theater in turn will present the comedy-joke “Plant a tree” by Alexei Zhitkovsky staged by Margarita Zaychikova.

Daily discussions of the performances by experts from Hanover, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Tyumen will be held in the foyer — there is also a huge bed with colored bedspreads, so that guests and participants, tired of the long road, could rest a bit.

Such a caring and cozy festival awaits viewers from October 26 to 29!