Winners 2016

October, 2016

23, вс

The electric train “Moscow Cockerels” will proceed through Yekaterinburg today — the Center of modern dramatic art presents to the prime minister according to hooligan Venedikt Venechke Erofeyev. We think, it isn’t necessary to tell long what waits for the audience: yes — angels with chastushkas and — tall tales about Pushkin and Goethe and — riddles from the Sphinx. Day display today and evening tomorrow, on October 24 — don’t pass an electric train in light ... the future? past?

22, сб

Mitrofanushka started dancing and started singing in Khabarovsk — the regional Drama theater delivered the musical “Greenhorn” according to Denis Fonvizin’s comedy. From middle school age we know and “I don’t want to study, I want to marry!”, and “in case of your eyes mine see nothing”, and “all day long I don’t pokladyvat hands: I quarrel, I fight”. The satire deriding human defects and in a genre of the musical comedy remains sharp and conformable to today. It is possible to be convinced of it on October 22, on November 10 and 19.

22, сб

Multigenre premiere the Theatre of a doll and actor of Roman Vinderman “Buffoon” decided to celebrate own anniversary. To the 70 anniversary of theater the chief director Sergey Ivannikov delivered “A concert for a doll with orchestra”. A performance — a peculiar conductor on the world of art: here both opera, and ballet, and drama, and circus. And even Rolling Stones group! Almost all troupe is engaged in large-scale statement, and the video series is devoted to history of theater. Premier displays — on October 22, 28 and 29.