Participants of the V Festival

Last events

13 June  ·  Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

Today in Chekhov center the large-scale theater festival “Sakhalin Stage” starts — he will for the first time act as IV in the status of international. From June 13 to June 30 Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk will accept 15 theaters among which there are collectives not only from Russia, but also Kazakhstan, Serbia, China and Finland — the total number of participants approaches 400. Owners — Chekhov center — will present two performances: “Danger” to Alexander Ostrovsky directed by Alexander Sozonov and premier Tyorkin according to the poem by Alexander Tvardovsky directed by Evgeny Zimin. Within the festival also children’s program and director’s laboratory are planned.

“This year ‘The Sakhalin stage’ will become record on duration and saturation. We as organizers, we try to leave and fix in it all the best that was earlier and by all means to add something new”, — the director noted Chekhov center Tatyana Korneeva.

11 June  ·  Novosibirsk

With approach of summer the unique Novosibirsk project “Children and Ancestors” does not lose activity — within June some more performances will be presented. What special is healthy, so is that statements are carried out on the modern nursery and teenage literature. In them the subjects which, perhaps, are not always convenient to adults, but on which it is necessary to speak with the children are brought up. Here questions not only “can sound why the father does not live with us now?” or “what is death?”, but also “how to teach the child to care for relatives?”, “how to cultivate politeness and keenness?”.

The day before premier display already of the seventh in the repertoire project of the performance “In chicken-scratch” according to the book by Ann Fayn took place — Darya Suprunova’s statement united actors of City drama theater under the leadership S. Afanasyev and NGTI.

We congratulate on replenishment!

And, by the way, on June 16 wait for the audience on displays of the doll performance “The Grandmother on an Apple-tree” according to the story by Mira Lobe.

9 June  ·  Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

Tyorkin was born in Chekhov center and today will be for the first time shown to the audience. The performance of the poem of Alexander Tvardovsky was created by Evgeny Zimin — he carried out statement.

“For our performance ‘The Book about the Fighter’ — a reason for dialogue, — the director notes. — It would be desirable to construct synthetic action in which Tvardovsky’s text, Nikolay Morozov’s music, the plastic decision of Margarita Krasnykh, decorating of Kirill Piskunov, Alexey Tarasov’s art design are remarkably combined.

These are absolutely equivalent components of a performance”.

Vasily Tyorkin turned in statement into the nominal character — as it was conceived by directors, each viewer has to feel that he in is mute there is a particle of this “ordinary” hero.