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30 June  ·  

Friends, all of us nicely worked in this saturated season – it is time and to have a rest!

"The New-Siberian transit" goes on leave till September and wishes you to gain strength for further fulfillments. Excellent all summer!

29 June  ·  Omsk

In spite of the fact that the 145th season at the Omsk academic drama theater is already complete, the audience is waited by an epilog – on June 29 and 30 there will take place premier displays of the performance "Dragon". To remind a plot of the play of Evgeny Schwartz, we think, there is no need, and it is not possible to open secrets of statement of Marat Gatsalov – details from official and informal sources does not arrive. It is known only that the director and the artist Vera Makarenko offered non-standard scenography in connection with which it is necessary to redistribute places among the audience who acquired tickets. By the way, all tickets for both displays are sold out. Well, we wait for the first impressions!

28 June  ·  Yekaterinburg

In the end of a season “Kolyada Theatre” still will manage to please the audience with a premiere — Nikolay put own play “Nosferatu”. He put it on the actor Alexander Zamurayev who plays a title role — Amalia Lvovna Nosferatu. Amalia Lvovna wants to give to the director of the regional drama old things for performances: there is a teapot, here a napkin, here “The book which treats”. And gradually from these things the whole life of the little person is developed ...

“At Zamurayev a brilliant job is got. The performance goes an hour and a half. It does not leave a scene and works just wonders. On general I call nobody because called theater and reported that on June 28 from 9 in the morning to 17 o’clock in the evening will not be in our region of electricity, any repair. All of us will equally hold a run, with lamps — ‘frogs’, with the tape recorder on batteries, that music was, but all this not for public, and for itself, just that once again to stake out everything, to hammer with nails”, — Nikolay Kolyada writes in the social networks.

Well, and it will be possible to see a premiere tomorrow, on June 29, — after that in August.