Participants of the V Festival

Last events

18 May  ·  Chelyabinsk

Museum night — At museum night, and the Chelyabinsk youth theater decided to present this day and a premiere. “The sun the Russian dramatic art” — nevertheless is known that it about unique Nicolae Kolyade; however not the dramatic art of the Christmas carol, but his stories was taken for statement by the director Alexander Cherepanov.

At the heart of the performance “To Moscow — to Disperse Melancholy” — three stories: “Queen Tamara”, Zoya and, actually, the fact that gave the name to a premiere. It is story about women — ridiculous and tragic in which everyone will be able to recognize himself a little.

At once three premier displays expect the audience on May 18 — at 18:00, 20:00 and 22.00. Before final comers are waited also by the stock “Soup theatre”.

19 April  ·  Kemerovo

Babies, and here in “Cameras” of the Kemerovo theater for children and youth according to the play by Pyotr Gladilin in the center of events even not babies, and not been born boy and the girl become infrequently main characters in a performance. They also are not two months old yet, and they were not named yet — there are only surnames: Top orks and Govorkov. “The performance ‘cameras’ about our fleeting and transient life, about originality every moment, about small pleasures and great happiness, how it is important to learn to see beauty in simple things, feeling all completeness of terrestrial life”, — announce a premiere in theater.

The first displays of statement of Irina Latynnikova will take place on April 19 and 21.

18 April  ·  Novosibirsk

In the Novosibirsk academic youth theater “Globus” the final of a competition of modern dramatic art “Note” starts today. Within four days the plays which entered a short list, to be exact, in three short lists will be performed on Small stage of theater: “Whole world”, “The accepting region” and “the Small Note”. For holding the final almost all theaters of Novosibirsk united — reading of the play of Dana Sideros “Black Apelsin” performed by actors of “A red torch” will open for “Remarque”.

The most interesting lecture program with participation of playwrights Maria Ogneva and Mikhail Durnenkov and specialists in drama study of Christina Matviyenko and Pavel Rudnev is also created.

Entrance on all actions free — only preliminary registration is necessary.