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15 March  ·  Achinsk

Any strong feelings tend to gradually fade. To somehow renew the relationship, the couple decides to pretend for a short time to be strangers to each other. Perhaps, the experiment would have succeeded, if it had not been for visiting relatives, in the acquaintance with which a ridiculous deceit was mingled.

You have already guessed that this story takes place according to the laws of the sitcom — the guests of the Achinsk Drama Theater are obviously waiting for a cheerful premiere! Novosibirsk director Konstantin Kolesnik suggests that the viewer should look into the apartment window, where an ordinary family — playwright heroes Lilia Mozart — enjoys the moments of happiness and overcomes her little adversities. “Two husbands at the price of one” will be played on March 15 and 16 at 19.00, on March 17 at 18.00.

18 February  ·  Ulan-Ude

If you thought that the New Year and the news related to it are already far behind, you were wrong! Indeed, according to the lunar calendar, this holiday came just recently, which means that many people just started celebrating it. Buryad Theater invites friends for large celebrations in honor of Sagaalgan: guests from Aghi, Jida and Eraven will gather for festive concerts on February 18, 23, 24 and 25.

And from February, 19th till March, 2nd the theater will congratulate the small spectator with the performance devoted to the come year of the Dog. Kashtanka, White Bim, Chink and other beloved four-footed heroes from childhood will appear on stage to tell their kind, touching, sad and funny stories.

It’s nice to write again: “Happy New Year, my friends! Be happy!”

1 February  ·  Tobolsk

Poetry — one of the most irregular shapes of a statement. And these statements as we understand, can be not only gentle, lyrical, but also heavy, with powerful tragic sounding. Acquaintance to the difficult subjects comprehended in very hard time is necessary to seniors in the Tobolsk drama theater of Yershov.

The poem by Anna Akhmatova “Requiem” admitted literary critics and critics to one of the strongest works of the 20th century incorporating a set of voices of the country and an era more than once. The performance written by the director Liana Tokareva includes also diaries and letters of the poet and her relatives. Dialogue with reading by actors documents and the poem will be entered by the composition of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart of the same name, increasing the volume of scenic action.

The poetic conversation under the name “I See, I Hear, I Feel You...” will begin on February 1 at 15:00