Winners 2016

September, 2016

25, вс

To pass for a side of reality invites all Youth theater “Globus” today. The performance “Arab Night” directed by Alexander Sozonov has appeared in the repertoire of theater in April, 2015, however now he begins new life, to be exact, there is a reset of the scenic world. It means that the audience will have a field for new interpretations — and even if you already tried to put this puzzle, it is necessary to start everything anew. And for an hour and a half prior to a performance of the audience will ship in the “ZAgranew” project — will send them to the mystical travel deep into themselves promising to turn life. Are intrigued?

You hurry — the beginning early today.

24, сб

It is impossible even to present how many efforts it costed to the Omsk academic drama theater, however today here at once two premieres from the directors entering a holder of the best. Alexey Kriklivy will perform Friedrich Gorenstein’s “Atonement” on Big stage — “the real genius, unfortunately, a little at us known and readable”. At the heart of the work and the performance going after it the life story in post-war time — life as ordeal lies. On September 24 and 25 the audience will be able to understand that there is the real atonement.

In the same time on the Small stage — “Life” directed by Boris Pavlovich: a performance based on Leo Tolstoy’s story “Ivan Ilyich’s Death”. The author’s group of a performance enters dialogue with Tolstoy and invites to him the audience — a certain collective reflection about beauty and fragility of life turns out.

24, сб

From the Krasnoyarsk theaters each news is grandiose. Today, for example, day of a premiere of a new performance of Roman Feodori “Per Gyunt” in the Krasnoyarsk Theatre for Young Audience has come. The history written by Henrik Ibsen and translated anew by Zhenya Berkovich is epic in itself, and directed by Roman Feodori (by the way, the best director of IV “The new-Siberian transit”), undoubtedly, will play new meanings. The beautiful and terrifying story, an exotic picture full of fantastic images, the drama of delusions — the audience will carry out nearly four and a half hours with heroes in search of themselves and meaning of life.

“The person could become anyone, find himself, but all his gifts of destiny leave as sand, through fingers ... To earn paradise or even hell, it is necessary to make something very serious in life, and by result ninety percent from us don’t deserve either that, or another. At best we should be melted and given the second chance”, — Roman Feodori says in an interview about a performance.

On October 1, 20, 27 and 28 — don’t miss for anything those who have an opportunity to get on premier displays on September 24!