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17 February  ·  Novosibirsk

On the small stage of the Novosibirsk youth theater “Globus” — the story of dreams and missed opportunities. “Sweet Bird of Youth” by Tennessee Williams staged here German director Andreas Merz-Raykov, and who, besides him, is better able to say about the show? “There laid the elements of thriller, melodrama, tragedy. All these genres as the color shades; and we try to make of them the correct palette. Some scenes will be calm, like a movie; some — very loud, outdoor theater, like the French comedy; They will sing a song — that is, we combine different approaches, different aesthetics. ”

And even more in the premiere, which will be held February 17 and 18, can be found in a specially prepared “Globus” longride.

15 February  ·  Ulan-Ude

The original version of “Stationmaster” in one of the “Tales of Belkin” Alexander Pushkin are today in the Buryat Academic Drama Theatre. Namsaraeva. Directed Soyzhin Zhambalova put imagination on the subject, while retaining the spirit of the work, but modifying some details. For example, hussar-seducer in the play became a pilot of the plane, carrying the girl in sky-high given. February 15 — one of the premiere of “Ranger”. No Good luck, Buryad theater!

14 February  ·  Omsk

What can be played on the stage in the Valentine’s Day? Of course, the “Wedding” — that and do today in Omsk Youth Theatre. In the original sounded like “Chic wedding” Robin Hawdon play begins with the fact that after the rapid bachelor groom wakes up in a hotel room not once, but in the company of an unknown woman. As usual, at any moment to appear and groom need to quickly solve delicate situation. So if the wedding will take place? Spectators who came to the premiere, the first to find out about it, and yet they will be waiting for a romantic interlude in the lobby of the theater.