Participants of the V Festival

Last events

20 September  ·  Novokuznetsk

The most, perhaps, popular play from the well-known trilogy by Alexander Sukhovo-Kobylin is put in Novokuznetsk drama theater by Boris Gurevich. “Krechinsky’s wedding”, according to the director, will be “more, than the comedy”: the detective intrigue, dramatic nature and humour are weaved into hard knot from which passion history is born. The classical text of the 19th century will be embodied on the stage of theater as the bright musical comedy — a premiere already today, on September 20.


19 September  ·  Kemerovo

While on the big stage of the Kemerovo drama theater there are guest performances of “Workshop” of Grigory Kozlov, on Small life doesn’t stop — the project of readings of modern plays proceeds here. On September 15 there has taken place reading of the play of the resident of Kemerovo Anastasia Kondrina “As I will become Lidiya Stepanovna”, got this year to a short list of the Lyubimovka festival. And today actors, more precisely actresses, theater will read “Northeast” — the German playwright Torsten Buchsteiner investigates terrorist attack on Dubrovka, representing him as a look of three women. By the way, a director of reading is the winner of V of “The new-Siberian transit” for Best Supporting Actor Ivan Krylov. After reading discussion will take place.

18 September  ·  Kemerovo

One of the most well-loved by the audience of theaters of St. Petersburg — Grigory Kozlov’s “Workshop” — these days stays in Siberia.

Opportunity to two cities has had to derive pleasure from three performances. Grigory Kozlov’s statements “Master and Margarita” in two evenings and “Eldest son” and also the fairy tale “Bremen Town Musicians” from the director Ekaterina Gorokhovskaya have already seen residents of Tomsk, and now turn of Kemerovo.

Performances will take place on the stage of the Kemerovo drama theater from September 18 to September 21 — by the way, thanks for it should be told the federal program “Big Tours” within which visits of the St. Petersburg theater have taken place.